Day 4: Go forth and write!

3-2-1 WRITE! party

There has been quite a few handy tips and tools about writing, both (hopefully) from my blog and from the others who took part in this blog party. Now it is time to go use all you’ve learned!

No one person was born with a gift for words while another wasn’t, enabling the one to write while the other needs to find something else to do. Writing and stories will come easier to some than others, but anyone can learn and practice and learn and practice some more. It’s hard, it’s exciting, it’s work, it takes up your thoughts, and it is so worth it. No, what makes a writer is dedication. A determination to write and to keep working and learning and improving.

Don’t let yourself get discouraged when you learn something new and realize you need to rework what you’ve written. Writing is a journey that never ends with more things to learn the whole way. And if it takes you longer to figure out a particular point than another writer that is fine. A later success is not a failure. There are things I’ve learned that I wished I knew years ago. There are times I wish I got serious about writing a year or two earlier so I’d be further along now.

Don’t do that to yourself. You are where you are, and no worry about the past will ever change that. Face forward and keep moving. Keep learning. Pass on what you have learned to other writers. You will get better. It will get easier. For now, just write. Practice may not make perfect, at least not for a long time, but it does make one better. Aim high, don’t stop, don’t falter. Keep writing for the glory of God. Even if you can’t see the results yet, one day you will. Make today the kind of day you can look back on with pleasure and write for the Kingdom!



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  1. Excellent post, Hope! It is so true. Everyone can learn to write if they have desire to. And everyone learns and grows differently.

    Thank you for being a part of this blog party! I’ve enjoyed your posts.

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