Creatures from all Realms

Though probably one of the bravest realm leapers I’ve met, Kirin has weird ideas *coughs* irrational fears *coughs* when it comes to creatures. And the ones he does try to care for and bring back are the ones he probably would leave best alone. Basically, take what he says with a grain of sand and maybe you’ll learn something and still want to travel beyond your own door.

Each realm holds dangers unique to it. Lightning sand, sinkholes that drop you into another dimension, earth waves (think sea waves, but on land), and hurricanes. But there is one danger that crosses all lands… a danger all the worse because so few people notice it.


Like… little living things with enough minds of their own to scamper where they please, but not enough sense to communicate with? HOW ARE PEOPLE NOT DISTURBED?

Creatures from all Realms - New Fantasy Times ReportYet people deal with them. They even give them weird classifications. Some I understand, others are just confusing.

I suppose I ought to point out what you think of as a creature will vary depending on what realm you are reading this in. All creatures can move to some extent, reproduce other creatures like themselves and have some semblance of rationality. Generally. Frankly, the line between creature and something like a plant can be a bit vague, especially in the realms where they’re created out of rock or crystal. It’s weird. Don’t go there. They have way too few weaknesses.

There are some basic animals that tend to be in every realm. Those that fly, those on two legs, those on four. I find spiders and snakes about everywhere too. Go figure. But there are animals unique to each realm as well, with greatly varying sizes, colors, and brains.

There are rodents, of course. There ought to be many more creatures in this category than there actually are. They’re generally small (the large ones tend to be hunted and labeled as threats, even if that dragon as large as a horse was just trying to dig up potatoes). There are mice, rats, small dragons that root among the fruit, and butterflies as large as one’s head who can destroy a crop of good oranges or peaches.

Then there are the pets. Which frankly aren’t much different. They still destroy things, they just happen to be trained to act better when people are around. All the more reason to distrust them. Instead, everyone from kings to peasants let these creatures into their house. Winged cats, hounds, dragons that can fit in one’s palm. Generally they just have to be small and cute, though both terms are very subjective.

A Leykros that stands as high as a man’s shoulder is not small. And while it could be called handsome, I don’t know that I’d call them cute either.

Thankfully, most things, like Leykros (great winged wolves, for you not from Marsadon) are considered war creatures. Or just mounts. I’m not saying the collection of dragons, eagles, horses, and the cats with pronged antlers aren’t majestic. They’re just a bit dangerous. Honestly—warriors will ride horses who have a mind of their own, then get nervous about hurtling through the neathermist? It makes no sense.

But hey, people don’t want to walk. So they ride or fly or sail on a variety of creatures. But if you think for a moment that I’m going to trust the back of a great sea turtle when it could dive to the middle of the ocean without a moment’s warning, you’ve another thing coming.

The one use I will condone is animals in war. Great dogs on the end of chains. Huge elephants, horses, wyrms. They can all be very powerful weapons and might as well be used. Just not on the opposing side or I’ll show up to help whenever you’ve dealt with them.

I will admit there are some useful creatures. Some birds can sense when someone is lying, or the falcons who can understand directions and carry them, or the little flying… I forget the name, but they’re a cross between a rabbit and cat, sit on one’s arm like a hawk, can see in the dark, and keep watch for weary soldiers. They are adorable but that’s beside the fact.

Creatures are creatures and not to be trusted, but if you have to deal with them, remember there is a wide range to choose from. Just try to not pick something that will kill you.


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  1. “I forget the name, but they’re a cross between a rabbit and cat, sit on one’s arm like a hawk, can see in the dark, and keep watch for weary soldiers.”

    These posts are bad for me, Hope. They make me covet things that don’t exist…

  2. Have I mentioned that I love Kirin’s posts? Because I really love Kirin’s posts.

  3. Love learning about extraordinary! Thanks for the enlightenment!!

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