Do you ever feel like something is missing from your story?

You're not sure how to turn your exciting idea into a thrilling plot from start to finish. Or you struggle with bringing characters to life, weaving your beliefs into your writing without being preachy, creating a realistic world, or showing instead of telling in your prose.

With over ten years of writing behind me, I’ve slogged through all these questions with many cringe-worthy results before figured it out with sheer determination and the help of others.

I don’t want you to subject yourself to the same lonely road. Yes, you could teach yourself, but how do you know if your themes are strong or if your plot points work?

That’s where I come in. I don’t have magic solutions. Writing is hard work and it always will be. I can, however, give you solid guidelines to streamline the writing process so you get things right at the beginning and cut down the number of rewrites on your novel. I also focus on writing and its place in your life so you come away knowing why you want to write and where it ranks in your priorities.



Hope was fun and easy to work with while still giving honest feedback and thorough critiques. She was especially patient in working with me on topics and skills I particularly struggled with and really wanted to master. After being mentored by her for several months, I was amazed by how much I’d grown as a writer, especially in areas of theme, character arcs, and prose. But my greatest area of growth was in confidence — working with Hope as a mentor allowed me to see exactly where I was as a writer, both in areas I needed to improve upon and in areas where I was already proficient. That knowledge boosted my confidence in my abilities and gave me a clear plan of what I needed to continue to work on to become a better writer.

– Audrey Caylin


I can help you

  • Write gripping themes without preaching
  • Create compelling character arcs
  • Outline a novel and plan plot points
  • Recognize and twist cliches
  • Show instead of tell in your prose
  • Discover the place of writing in your own life

My coaching sessions will be conducted as a mixture of live critique on current works-in-progress, be it plot or prose, availability through email for random questions, and critique using Google Docs. I customize my sessions to fit each student. My goal is to not only help you write a better story but to grow and perfect your craft so you can move forward and teach others in your turn.

Want to get on the fast track improve your work and grow as a writer at the same time? Check out the coaching sessions I offer below.



Single test session:

Submit up to 4000 words of WIP, outline, etc. for me to look over, followed by a forty-five minute coaching session. – $35

A single test session is allowed per student. If you’d like to take another single session in the future (5000 words critiqued plus an hour session), you can do so for $50


Weekly coaching by month (four weeks):

Level one: One hour a week, split between Skype and email/Google Docs according to the needs of the student – $50/week; $200/month

Level two: Ninety minutes a week, split between Skype and email/Google Docs according to the needs of the student – $65/week; $260/month;


Four-month plan (eighteen weeks):

Level one: One hour a week, split between Skype and email/Google Docs according to the needs of the student – $810; $45/week (Save $90 over the monthly cost)

Level two: Ninety minutes a week, split between Skype and email/Google Docs according to the needs of the student – $1,080; $60/week (Save $90 over the monthly cost)


I accept Paypal (you would receive an invoice after agreeing to services.) All payment is to be made within 10 days after submission. If you need to spit up payments, you can contact me and I’ll consider it on a case by case basis. Refunds can be provided for weeks not used for up to half-way through the agreed time.

A 20% partial payment is required as a placeholder if you want to secure a coaching spot in my schedule. I can only take on a few students at a time.


  • Your name
  • The genre and intended age-group of your piece
  • A short description of your story (it’s fine if you don’t know much about it yet)
  • What coaching plan you are interested in
  • What you want to get out of this coaching
  • Your familiarity with basic writing structure, theme, characters, and plot
  • Any questions you have about my services

Not everyone clicks with everyone else. It's okay; it's life. But before we get into coaching, I want you to be confident in working with me. And I want to know that I can help you. Hence a free 15 minute call.

If you want coaching or if you just have questions, click the link below to ask and set up a free call. If you're fairly confident you want coaching, send me the answers to the application questions above. If not, I may ask you those questions anyway.

I hope to see you there!

Click here to set up a free 15 minute call!

I had been working on my novel for a year before I signed up for the 6-month mentoring session. And while I was doing the best I could at writing, I knew I had come to the place where I needed someone more advanced to help me. This 6-month program exceeded what I expected I’d learn through it. I would most defiantly recommend taking it, it is by far worth it! I came out of it having most of the ‘behind-the-scene’ work figured out and ready to get back into writing!

Hope Ann was very patient with me and helped me through all the tough spots I came across. Overall, this mentoring time was a blessing in my life! 

– Kathryn Lapp

Disclaimer: I will help you to the best of my ability, but there are no magic bullets when it comes to writing. While I can help ensure a theme or plot is sound, the quality of the finished work will depend on the work the author is willing to put into their piece.

I also reserve the right to accept or reject students at my discretion at any time through the process. If there is ever a reason for coaching to be cut short, I will refund said student for any work not delivered.