Characters According to Loki

I did one of these a while back and decided to do another one.

Gifs and writing humor and all the rest. So buckle up. Here is an account of the author interaction with characters according to Loki.

when a new character shows up

When a new character tries to shove his way into your story

giving characters motivations

Giving characters motivation





you to your characters

Informing our characters who is in charge


epic characters

Creating epic characters



your characters back to you

When your characters decide to run the scene on their own



threatening a character

Threatening the character everyone loves



when something works

When something actually goes as planned


they they want to do something weird

When your characters try to argue


how we feel about characters

How we feel about our characters


our MCs

You to your main characters ‘shall we test that theory?’


passing the blame onto your characters

Passing the blame to our characters


us to characters and back again

You and your characters



when a character gets in more trouble than you intended

When a character gets into more trouble than you intended


are you showing off

And then gets out of it again

you just... did that

And then proceed to do something stupid

when someone thinks you do something nice for a character

When a reader thinks you’ve done something nice for your character

your character does something stupid

Looking over your plans for said character

the third plot point

Your villain at the third plot point

when a character does something you don't expect

Your hero does something heroically stupid

cue epiness

And manages to look both sad and epic at the same time

making things worse for a character

Reaching the third plot point

after you've crushed everyone

After the dust settles

after the climax

After the climax



i have to get off this planet

After the book ends and the characters have time to turn against you


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  1. Oh my word, I haven’t even seen this show but, these are hilarious! Might I, your humble reader, make a request for ‘A wrter’s life…according to The Fellowship’? That would be totally awesome! No pressure though 😉

  2. LOL! YES, this is too true!!!!! Definitely do more of these Hope!

  3. Corissa, Maiden of Praise

    *dies laughing* This is beautiful!

  4. *is dying*

  5. These are great, and also just shows me what a brilliant actor Tom Hiddleston is to convey these emotions in such a simple look.

  6. Bahahahaha! This is great!

  7. HAHa, I cannot tell you how much I loved this! XD Loki is definitely my favorite villain (and gifs are so aweoooome). 😀

  8. C.M. - II Tim. 1:7

    *double thumbs up*
    Thanks for the laughs (and inspiration…), HopeAnn! xD

  9. Oh my… I don’t think I’ll be able to stop picturing Loki describing my characters for a while. And I second the vote for an “… According to the Fellowship” post. 😉

  10. This was so good! I’m a huge Loki fan and I was dying with laughter reading this. You rock, Hope!

  11. This is the bestiest (and truest) thing ever.


  12. Why thank you, Hope. I’m flattered.

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