Breaking cliches: Damsels in Defiance

Years ago, Scarlett made two friends: Elena and Kirin. They are realm leapers who take it upon themselves to test how realistic fictional settings, tropes, and cliches are. I firmly believe they put themselves in this much danger solely to make fun of it once they escape. Not something I’d recommend, but today you get to benefit from their rashness. Mainly from Elena’s adventures.

My dear fellow women who have the misfortune of being cared about by someone deemed important,

Firstly, I want you to know you’re not bait. There may be some advantages to going along with all that nonsense and more on that in a bit. But I want you to know. Continue reading

5 Tips to Create a Deep Character Voice

There’s no single ‘perfect style of writing.’ Everyone connects to words a little differently, and what grips me may not grip the next person.

Be that as it may, one of my personal passions in both writing and reading is building a deep emotional connection between the reader and the character. One of the main ways I do this is by developing a unique voice around an already distinct character.

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Don’t Focus on Christianity

It isn’t a new idea. It isn’t revolutionary.

But it bears repeating.

As Christians, we should not sit down to create the next great Christian piece of art, be it a book or painting or movie. It’s a terrible idea and if that’s all we have to go on it will end up stilted, cringy, and dull as a rusted coin that’s lain in a gutter all winter.

Here’s why.

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Three Things I Learned From Red Rising

When I read something I love, I can’t just enjoy it. I have to study it. Pull it apart to see what worked. Put it together again just to see if I can do it too.

It’s how I process and it’s how I learn. And it’s something I did recently with a new favorite series, Red Rising. Continue reading

New Fantasy Times: Villains are people too

A letter found in the archives of the Realm Leapers. It’s assumed to be a follow-up to a previous letter written about the unfortunate stereotypes villains are subject to.

To whom it may concern,

Thank you kindly for your willingness to speak up on the wrongs done to villains everywhere. All the stuff against wearing black, hiring incompetent minions, resorting to brooding as a pastime, and indiscriminate killing holds as true today as it does then.

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