April Prompt Challenge

At the beginning of March, I posted a prompt challenge for a complete scene instead of just a caption. Behold the prompt:

And the winner isKatherine H!

I carried the flag that day.

There were riots in the street, as there had always been. There were police everywhere, as there had always been. There were people hurt that day, as there had always been.

But this day was different, because today, I carried the flag.

I carried it proudly, my head held high, my chest puffed out, while my feet steadily beat the staccato notes I had dreamed about for years.

They followed behind, the true, the loyal the brave.

And we marched on.

The days would go on as they always had, but throughout the years to come I could look back on that day.

I carried the flag that day.

I carried the flag for freedom.

You have 100-250 words to write a short story/scene that goes with this picture. You have until April 30th to submit your scene in the comments below. I’ll announce the winner in March.  Anyone can enter, but keep your entries clean. No swearing, no gore or sensuality. Have fun!

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