Do you want to be part of a launch?

It’s that time, guys. I’m assembling a launch team for Burning Rose. By which I mean I’m coming to you all and giving you puppy eyes as I ask for your help. Actually… never mind. My puppy eyes are horrible. I’m not even showing you the pictures.


Moving on, I need a launch team. Because I can write a book, and I can push the publish button, but it is you all who help spread the word and make the launch a success. I can’t do it on my own.

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Claim Your ARC!

I’ve been talking about it for the better part of a year, but it is finally happening. I’m getting my first three Legends of Light novellas (plus Rose of the Night) together into one paperback version!

Who here is excited about Legends of Light: Burning Rose?

Yes… I changed the title slightly. It was Blackened Rose, but the cover ended upwith a flaming rose, not a black one. (I can’t wait to show it to you, but patience, preciousses) Besides, the symbolism of a burning rose fits the first three novellas better than the blackened one.

Regardless, things are happening and, before I go any further, I suppose you’d like to know the release date.

Burning Rose will be released on


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FREE: Rose of the Oath

Finally! It is here! Rose of the Oath is finished, published, and, best of all, free!


War clouds the horizon and rebels gather under a mysterious leader. Alone, with her two younger sisters, Elissa watches the mountain road desperately for her brother’s return. Instead, she receives news of his capture by a strange figure covered in scars and cloaked in wolf skins.

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