Shadow Heir

Josan clutched the doorframe, doubling over with a ragged cough. Smoke pricked his eyes with a hundred tiny daggers. He gagged, pressing his face into the crook of his arm.

Orange flickers laced the opposite side of the great hall, wreathing ornate tapestries in smoke. Josan’s guard gripped his shoulder from behind. As if Seris could defend against this siege.

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One Step at a Time: a flash fiction

I remember when I was a child. Strange, the things one thinks about as they are dying.

I catch the doorframe of the castle gate with a painful gasp. Each breath burns in my chest as poison races through my veins. I clench one bloody fist against my ribs. It’s only a shallow cut, but it’s enough when poison is involved. Continue reading

Think Furnace With Wings

An account of one of Kirin’s recent adventures in dealing dragons and trying to influence historical events. Fortunately, the official record has managed to clear most of his interference from sight, but here is his own account of what really happened when Bilbo met Smaug.

“Well, thief, come along into the light.” The dragon’s deep rumbling voice echoed through the great cavern as I crouched in the shadows of a far arch. “I smell you, feel your movement, hear your breath—”

I clapped one hand over my mouth.

“…help yourself again, there’s plenty to spare.”


I relaxed slightly even as a quick voice piped up from the opposite end of the cavern. “I’d rather not, if it’s all the same to you, Smaug the Tremendous. I’ve seen how you give your gifts and besides, I only wanted to see if the tales of your greatness were founded in reality.”

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