COVER REVEAL: Healer’s Bane

*skids in and crashes against wall*

*steadies self*

I’m alive, and still busy. Maybe too busy, but so what?

Anyway, I launched Shadowkeeper two weeks ago. There’s a giveaway going on right now. And…


I told you all back when I revealed Shadowkeeper‘s cover that it was one of my favorites. I wasn’t lying, but this one is even better.

And I have a ‘secret’ for you. While Healer’s Bane is another novella, it is going to be published in paperback!!! Finally.

I’m very excited about that. Smooth and shiny and all the rest.






Kynet hadn’t planned to be in the forefront of the rebellion. That was her brother’s hobby—rallying the people. Plotting against the leaders. Running into dangers she’d have to negotiate him out of.

That was before the Poisoner tried to kill her with many profuse apologies.

That was before she survived, her hands glowing with a strange power she didn’t understand.

With her new ability to heal, Kynet is convinced the rebellion will only doom them all. Taking the people’s pain on herself is a better and all-around safer way. After all, what is the comfort of one worth, compared to the others who can be saved?

Or will it matter at all as her brother lays plans to end the decades of fighting once and for all?

Not only is Healer’s Bane paperback, but it stands alone. I will get back to Legends of Light, but this takes place in another world with completely different characters.

The best part?

It comes out in little over a month. March 29th, to be exact.


Excited much?

Right. You want to see the cover. I suppose…


*grins even wider*

I am so looking forward to this release.

In the meantime, feel free to preorder the book, add it to Goodreads, and do whatever else you might want to do.

Add to Goodreads

Preorder ebook

(paperback preorders will be coming)

Well? What do you think?

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I’ve talked about it enough the past month.

In fact, I’ve talked about hardly anything else.


Shadowkeeper is here, peoples!!!


Death can die as easily as any other man.

Cedra has kept her sister safe for years. None of that changes just because Pethra got herself kidnapped by Death himself.

Claiming the questionable aid of Death’s weary older brother, the Shadowkeeper, Cedra forces her way through mist and shadows in pursuit of her hapless sister. But Death wants much more than he has revealed.

A wish that will splinter her and Pethra’s world no matter what she chooses: death, or a chain.

Loosely inspired by the stories of Hades and Persephone and Castor and Pollux, Shadowkeeper will sweep you into a world of wavering mists, shadowy passages, and the love of two siblings fastening them with ties stronger than Death himself.

Order now for $0.99 ONLY

Also, guys. I’m trying to do something here, and since I can’t clone myself 100 times I need your help. I want to sell 100 copies of Shadowkeeper today and tomorrow.

It seems like a huge goal, but I think it’s doable. Last time I tried to sell 50 and got 30+. But last time I was selling the book for three times the price (a whopping $2.99. Imagine that. *evil laugh*). This time it’s a mere dollar which is like… less than you’d spend for nearly any snack.

The reason for this goal? If enough of you buy the book in a short enough time it goes up in Amazon algorithms. If it goes up, other people see it who don’t know about me and get it. I get to claim readers and spread my base of minions. And it goes from there.

So, if you want to help me get up to 100 sales in the first 48 hours, click here! Then feel free to share this article with those of your friends who you think would be interested in a story about Death and sibling love, mingled with powers and hints of mythology.


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The Stealthmaster’s Shadow is here!

The Stealthmaster’s Shadow is finally here!

I know it’s a cliche thing to say, but I am excited about sharing it with you all. Then again, there are so many books out there now days… so I’ve been wonderfully kind and listed the pros and cons of The Stealthmaster’s Shadow.

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I Need Your Voice

No, I’m not going to steal your voice and lock it inside a shell or any such. I do need your vote though. See, in honor of the upcoming launch of The Stealthmaster’s Shadow, I’m running a collage contest.

All you need to do is enjoy the pretty pictures then vote in the Google form.

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