Do you want to be part of a launch?

It’s that time, guys. I’m assembling a launch team for Burning Rose. By which I mean I’m coming to you all and giving you puppy eyes as I ask for your help. Actually… never mind. My puppy eyes are horrible. I’m not even showing you the pictures.


Moving on, I need a launch team. Because I can write a book, and I can push the publish button, but it is you all who help spread the word and make the launch a success. I can’t do it on my own.

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FREE: Rose of the Oath

Finally! It is here! Rose of the Oath is finished, published, and, best of all, free!


War clouds the horizon and rebels gather under a mysterious leader. Alone, with her two younger sisters, Elissa watches the mountain road desperately for her brother’s return. Instead, she receives news of his capture by a strange figure covered in scars and cloaked in wolf skins.

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Fidelyon: ‘O’ and ‘P’ with Ethaniel

‘O’ with Ethaniel:

Ethaniel, the main character in my novel, Fidelyon, has taken it upon himself to introduce you to his world by going through an alphabet of terms and names.

The letter ‘O’ stand for… for… One! Yes, the number one will work. Don’t look at me like that. I have to think of something. There are a number of things I could use ‘one’ for, but I’ll stick with the first thing to spring to mind.

Two nations, becoming one. Unity. That is the prophecy of the end of the third age, after all. Elentisa, split since Shaquille’s rebellion during the first age, will be united with Voland once more. It was one of those things everyone knows vaguely from stories told by crackling firesides. It was not something anyone would picture happening in their lifetime. Or any lifetime, by the looks of the relations between our lands.

Emphasis on the ‘was’.

Just one little problem for our piece of mind. The prophecy doesn’t tell how such a union will come about. Or rather, it gives two choices. We will unite in glory and peace, or in flames and destruction. Frankly, flames look like they have a better chance right now. Not that I’d tell anyone else that, and don’t you go passing the word around either. Because there is still hope. There is always hope. And prayer.

Such is the prophecy, and such will be the union. Two countries, made one. But will they burn or will they stand? Only time will tell.

‘P’ with Ethaniel:

Instead of a subject, Hope is telling me to post a song for this letter. She says it is ‘my’ song. I’m sure it could fit many others, not just myself, but I… No. I can’t talk about it. Just… you can listen to the song, and maybe you’ll understand.

Rose of the Night & Rose of the Oath

As many of you know, I’ve written a second Beauty and the Beast retelling to replace Rose of Prophecy. Because of some tight scheduling, I’m actually sending out my new novella to beta readers before Shadows of the Hersweald is launched. *sighs* It’s not ideal, but if I didn’t, anyone who wanted to read the novella and/or it’s prequel would only have around three weeks. So, without more ado, here are a few quick blurbs.

Rose of the Night (a Beauty and the Beast prequel novelette)

Behind every beast, there is a curse.

Behind every curse, there is a promise.

Behind every promise, there is a sacrifice.

Two hundred years before Beauty was born, blood and tears wove a legend of hope and sorrow. A timeless tale of a forbidden rose and the smooth voice of a masked stranger. A story of rebellion and despair and love. A story of a promise given and of a hope received.

Rose of the Oath (a Beauty and the Beast novella)

War clouds the horizon, and wolves howl into the night. With rebels on the move, Elissa is desperate for her brother’s return. When she receives a mysterious message concerning his capture, she knows she must save him.

There is no one else who can.

But the rose that granted her warning now holds her captive in safety. According to her mysterious scarred host, even that safety is tentative at best as wolves and dark figures stalk the night.

Outside the valley, war threatens those she loves most. Her host might hold to ancient promises of the Prince’s return, but Elissa knows the blood-drenched truth. She is on her own. And she is willing to do almost anything to keep her family safe.

Like last time, I’m not actually posting a sign-up form on my blog. I do, however, have a small email list of anyone who is interested in getting notifications about beta reading. I’ll be sending out the official form for Rose of the Oath later this week, so if you want to sign up for beta reading alerts you can do so HERE.

Shadows of the Hersweald

You’ve all heard of it, on and off, but now it’s time for the official unveiling of my third Legends of Light novella, Shadows of the Hersweald, a retelling of Hansel and Gretel. Though it originally gave me much grief, the story has progressed into one of my favorites. Which might mean something except that, so far, the each Legend of Light novella is a favorite as I write it.

They would have to come that afternoon. Haydn glared at the rutted road twisted away from the gate beneath him, slithering into the shadows of the Harsweald. And what was the flaming idea behind leaving him in charge? Tregaron in the hands of a criminal… that would put them all in the good graces of the province governor, no questions asked.

A battered soldier from a defeated army, Haydn knows there is only one end to the arrival of the Prince’s governor. Except he hasn’t counted on the Prince himself. Or the pardon which his recent foe has declared to acquit all those who fought against him.

A pardon Haydn detests.

A pardon that refuses to punish the rebels now threatening his own village. And his sister.

Guilt-ridden from his own actions during the war, Haydn knows there are others who have no conscience at all. Others who are using the freedom of the pardon to forward their own desperate schemes.

With enemies closing in on all sides, a pardon that refuses punishment for the rebellion, and nightmares of murder and fire hovering in the back of Haydn’s every thought, can he save the only ones left he cares about before it is too late?

Shadows of the Hersweald is currently scheduled for publication late March of 2017. I do have a date, but I’m not releasing it yet because it’s possible it may change to early April instead. This will be the first novella I find an editor for, and I’m not sure how long the editing process itself will take…

But I will be accepting beta readers soon! I’ve about a week left of my own corrections, then I’ll send it out. But I’m not going to be having an open form on my blog this time. Instead, I’ve set up a beta reader email list you can sign up to. I only use it to email out beta reading and book review alerts and opportunities. And, just because you are signed up, you will be under no obligation to beta read anything. Anyhow, you can sign up here if you are interested.

I’ve a bunch of fun stuff planned in relation to Shadows of the Hersweald over the next few months, so you can be looking forward to that. And, in the meantime, I must be off because there is writing yet to do, both on Shadows of the Hersweald and Rose of the Oath.