Fidelyon Beta-Readers!

So, if any of you guys remember the blog schedule I wrote up last month, you’ll see that I’m already off track. I know. *sighs* I’ve given up. Kind of. I have the caption challenges on Monday, some steady posts on Wednesday (like the serial story, New Fantasy Times, and articles on publication and Christian writers), and wip and such posts on weekends. Anyway, a pattern might emerge eventually. But…yes, that’s where I’m at in blogging.

Now onto the main purpose of this post. I’m opening up Fidelyon to a select number of beta-readers! You might have read bits about it in the A-Z list Ethaniel is going through. And, finally, I’ve written up a teaser for the book:

Ancient sign, bitter fate,

Scar and oath and quest

Revealing name, brought to light

Power from destroyer wrest.

Ethaniel knows the first stanza of the well-known prophecy by heart. What else could he expect with it repeated in nightmares year after year? As an orphan, with no family name in a land where the exploits of ancestors are as important as a man’s own actions, Ethaniel longs for a chance – any chance, to prove himself.

When a grueling messenger run brings him before the king of Elentisa, a quest Ethaniel never imagined offers him that chance. An oath to the king and an assassination attempt later, the messenger finds himself fleeing through a pathless forest.

Alongside Jagger, a jester’s apprentice from the palace, Ethaniel follows ancient riddles through some of Elentisa’s most treacherous terrain in search of a weapon concealed by the Prince. A shield, the finding of which heralds the end of the age and points to the deliverer who can save Elentisa from her greatest danger. Ethaniel’s duty to his nation and friends is clear. Besides, what else could earn him a name of such honor as the task of finding the shield?

But it doesn’t take long before Ethaniel discovers the greatest dangers are not those he faces on his quest. Deeply laid plots and treachery run further into his misty past than he ever dreamed. The name he is given appears nearly impossible to live up to, no matter what he sacrifices. Prophecies, blackened by his own mistakes, weigh down on his mind. And the promise of the nameless shield he carries hovers just out of reach – the promise of the word, emblazoned across the muted metal.

The promise of Fidelyon


Collage pictures from Pinterest

Now, onto beta-reading. Here is how it (hopefully) will work

1. Signups will be open for a week (I’ll close them Sunday, September 18th)

2. On Monday, I’ll send out the first part of Fidelyon. The novel is around 150,000 words and is divided into five parts. I’ll be sending it out part by part…you have to deliver the previous part before getting the next one. Unless I’m feeling merciful. *evil laugh* Don’t count on it. I’m working through corrections of my own which will be done by the end of September, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with you.

3. I’m dividing beta reading into two parts. At least that is the plan. The first wave will focus on the plot, theme, and characters. The second wave will focus on grammar, spelling, and can also give me overview type comments on particular spots which I’ll have heard about and strengthened from the first wave. You can choose whichever wave you think you fit best. (and, just because you sign up to deal with grammar, that doesn’t mean you can’t comment on the plot too, and visa versa.) Here’s the deal…if you are part of the first wave, it would be nice if you could get me each part back 2-3 weeks after receiving it so that I can incorporate your corrections and send it off to the next batch. And if you’re in the second wave, you won’t get the first part until the beginning of October, but you will have a more relaxed schedule to beta-read. That being said, it would be nice to get all the corrections back by the end of the year if possible.

4. *takes deep breath* So…after having said all of that, this is the first time I’ve tried to organize beta reading this way, and if you think you’ll take longer or something in this schedule doesn’t fit what you are able to do but you still want to beta-read Fidelyon – well, you probably still can. There’s a place in the form below to detail what you need.

5. Andddddd, I think that’s it! Sign-up if you are interested in beta-reading Fidelyon. I’ll send out an email next Monday or Tuesday to everyone chosen to beta-read Fidelyon and we’ll go from there.

Beta Readers for Song of the Sword

Maybe it should have been obvious, but as I was lying in bed thinking about this post I suddenly realized I ought to have some sort of blurb about my story to offer you all before asking for volunteers to beta read Song of the Sword.

*holds head tightly and closes eyes*

Writing blurbs are even worse than editing, but I suppose I must give you something. It won’t be as polished as my final blurb I’ll write when I publish this book…just consider this a rough draft. *winks*

song of the sword

Evrard’s duties as a wingmaster fills his waking hours as the Prince’s war against Tauscher draws to a climax. But when a stray song alerts him to his long lost sister, he determines to save her no matter the opposition in either the physical world or the melody realm. Filled with danger, mist, songs, messenger falcons, towers, fen hoppers, sacrifice, joy, and despair, this is a retelling of Rapunzel you are sure to enjoy.

*stares at blurb thoughtfully*

Too short, but not bad for a first try, I suppose. And now, on to the easier information.

Song the Sword, my second novella in the Legends of Light series, is 60 pages; around 29,000 words long. I know mentioned a ‘select number’ of beta readers last week but, quite frankly, I’m not sure what the select number would be…I’m not that popular yet. *winks slyly* If you want to beta read the story…well, I reserve the privilege to dispense with my story as I please, but if you are willing to read it, then you’ll almost certainly be able to.

And now, if you would like to beta read Song of the Sword, you have until the morning of April 30th to fill in the form below (if you see this post after April 30th and desperately want to look over Song of the Sword, feel free to contact me though the ‘contact me’ page.

I’ll send out a draft of Song of the Sword the afternoon of April 30th, and would like to have the novella back in three weeks time; May 21st. Now the projected publication date isn’t until August 5th, though I want to have final copies of the novella completed two or three weeks before that for review readers. So there is some leeway if you really want to read Song of the Sword but are currently busy with other things. Just let me know in the form when you think you can get it back to me.

In other news, I finally got my archery glove. So now I have a glove, gauntlet, bow, and quiver of arrows. Sometime in the next few weeks I’m going to dress up in a costume from our last movie my siblings and I made, gear up, and bribe or convince a broth or sister to take pictures of me. So photos of the great, realm-leaping archeress will be coming…soonish.

Beta Reading: King’s Armor

Hello, everyone. I’ve mentioned every now and then that I’m working on correcting various ‘works in progress’. And, finally, here is some proof. My current correction of King’s Armor, a young adult allegory about creation vs. evolution in the church, is progressing well and I finally think it’s progressed enough for me to open it up for beta reading.
So, basically, King’s Armor is around 75,000 words (around 125 pages) long. It’s divided into three parts. The first part is corrected and I’m working on the second part right now. If anyone’s interested in beta reading the book, I’ll send it to you part by part…I’ll be finished with the third part by the second week of October. As for correction time, it would be nice to get corrections back by the end of November. 
But first…I almost forgot, you’ll probably want to know a bit about this book. 🙂 Well, here you go:

When the day to start his pilgrimage and find the King’s armor comes, Cyth soon realizes that it will take more than stealth and strength to continue forward and escape the deadly Maligents. But with his faith in the Prince crumbling, the Maligents advancing on Aulora, and himself suddenly helpless in their clutches, Cyth must discover what he truly believes before it’s too late. 

A collage I made for King’s Armor

And here…here’s a taste of the first chapter:

Maybe I shouldn’t have been even slightly concerned. There were all kinds of things which could make a patrol of fifty men late when they’re riding along enemy borders….even if said enemy has been peaceful for a number of years.
Maybe I should have worried more. Years of peace were no guarantee that we’d stay at peace. Actually, it was more of a countdown to the next time Draygan and his Maligents would attack. Anything could have happened to hinder the patrol, and ambushes were far from the bottom of the list.
Whatever the case, Father and the others were supposed to return yesterday.
I straightened and shoved against the parapet lining Nyssa’s thick outer wall, propelling myself backwards into the middle of the broad walkway.
And Father had never been late before.
Well, if I haven’t scared you off by now, and if you’re still reading this post and are interested in King’s Armor, then message me using the contact page at the top of my blog and I’ll get a copy of the first part e-mailed to you. 🙂 Try to message me this coming week if you’re interested. But if you happen to read this or get interested later on in the fall or winter, then feel free to message me then too. I’ll probably still be willing for an extra reader. 🙂

Beta Readers

I’ve been working on The Shield and Spear with the help of the Emotion Thesaurus I mentioned last week. Its aid has proven invaluable. 

Anyway, I’m opening part 1 and 2 of The Shield and Spear (12 chapters) for beta reading. If anyone would like to read through the beginning of my book and critique it, please go to my contact page and give me your name and e-mail (and a note saying that you want to be a beta reader). I was hoping to have a form for you to fill out right here in the post, but I’m having technical difficulties. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

I’ll be sending out these first two parts this coming Saturday and would be grateful if you could critique the chapters by June 30th. 

After that, if you are still interested, there are three more larger portions of the book that will need to be corrected as well. Actually, if you contact me anytime this summer, I’ll probably still send the first parts of the book to you. 🙂 As a point of reference, my current goal is to submit this book to a publishing house sometime in October.