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Claim Your ARC!

Claim Your ARC!

I’ve been talking about it for the better part of a year, but it is finally happening. I’m getting my first three Legends of Light novellas (plus Rose of the Night) together into one paperback version!

Who here is excited about Legends of Light: Burning Rose?

Yes… I changed the title slightly. It was Blackened Rose, but the cover ended upwith a flaming rose, not a black one. (I can’t wait to show it to you, but patience, preciousses) Besides, the symbolism of a burning rose fits the first three novellas better than the blackened one.

Regardless, things are happening and, before I go any further, I suppose you’d like to know the release date.

Burning Rose will be released on


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July Highlights: Camp NaNo, WIP Collages, and Caves

July Highlights: Camp NaNo, WIP Collages, and Caves

My Life

Lots of traveling, this month. I think I’ve traveled more this spring and summer than I have the last few years put together. There was a wedding in April, a Creation Conference in May, the Kingdom Pen retreat in June… At the end of June, I went with Dad and the three little ones to Iowa to visit grandparents. It was a glorified babysitting trip on my side of things, but I was able to make a number of collages and got a little writing done.

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July Vlog


Another vlog, everyone, in which I answer some questions and make a semi-official announcement.

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June Highlights: Trains, Kingdom Pen, and Snow White

My Life

I’d been hoping June would be a ‘get back into a regular routine’ month. *insane laugh* Yeah. Like that happened. I have been getting some writing done. About half the amount I’d like to be doing, but still… It’s not like I’ve not done anything else.

For example, there was that overnight train trip to Pittsburgh.

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Trains and Free Verse

Trains and Free Verse

Two weeks ago, I rode a train for the first time. Well, Amtrak. The little steam train I rode years ago doesn’t count as a ‘real’ train. It was a nine hour, overnight trip to Pittsburgh. I’ll have more to say about the trip and train in my monthly highlights post, but I did want to share one thing with you all.

I finally expermented with free verse poetry! I’ve tried my hand at free verse once or twice before, but I’ve never studied poetry and have read hardly any. Still, while looking out the window at 3:30 a.m. from the observation car, I decided to give it a go. Here is the result.

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May Highlights: Blogs, Editing, and A Vlog

My Life

I know, I know… It’s June. But I’m only two days late, and I have a valid excuse. It’s this blog, mainly. Notice anything looking different? *grins* I’ve switched to paid hosting and have everything on one website now, instead of two. It took about a week of working and waiting and more working and more waiting… I didn’t realize it took a week for domain names to transfer. But it’s set up now, and I’m very happy.

Only two minor details. The first is that I figured out how to transfer my followers from my wordpress.com site to wordpress.org! The only note is that, if you were following me through WordPress instead of by email, you’ll get notifications in your WordPress reader about a new post but you won’t get an email when I create a post like you might have before. Second, commenting is slightly more a pain in this template. One actually has to click on a post to comment. I don’t think that will be too big of a deal, though.

Life is good. Life is also crazy. I went to a Memorial Day outreach Monday. Saturday is a wedding, Sunday I have my first ever official sleep-over (yes, I’m 22 and this is the first ‘real’ sleep-over I’ve had). Then, next Wednesday night, I’ll be taking a train to Pittsburgh for a Kingdom Pen retreat and won’t return until Sunday night. I’m looking forward to that, but the train trip is overnight both ways and I sometimes get migraines when I’m really tired. I don’t want to get one while on the train or at the retreat, so prayers would be appreciated.

My Writing


  • Scarlet Rose: Not telling. It’s way less than I should have done…somewhere in the vicinity of five chapters. I’ll get moving on it more this month. Or next month…
  • Fidelyon: 14,447 words/6 chapters rewritten – again, not as much as I’d like. But blog and Rose of the Oath took up extra time this month.
  • Rose of the Night: PUBLISHED! Check out more here
  • Rose of the Oath: SET FOR PREORDER!


  • Pricematch Rose of the Oath down to free and publish
  • Finish part 3 of Scarlet Rose
  • Fidelyon… as much as I can get done; another 10-15 chapters

Google Searches:

  • How long does a stab wound to the lung take to heal why can’t you just give me one single answer, Google? On another note, it is fascinating to see how many other writers have already asked this question
  • Recovery time for a stab wound to the chest at which point I remembered I had an Aunt who was a respiratory therapist. Twenty minutes of texting and details such as age and health and I got solid answers – collapsed lung: 2-3 weeks healing, 4-5 weeks before in fighting condition, barring infection and complications. Every writer needs an Aunt who knows medical stuff 
  • What is the front of a ship called? yes… I did just ask that
  • Flowers that mean sorrow Did the author of Hunger Games have any idea that Primrose means something along the lines of ‘can’t live without’? I did not need that…
  • Pictures of hazel eyes cause you need pictures if you’re to describe something properly
  • How long to apply a brand to the skin 30 to 60 seconds for a good brand. Ouch. I’m… I’m so sorry. Also, people apparently brand themselves for fun, like tattoos, only much more painful. *shudders*

Other Writing:


A vlog! You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you? Actually, you probably forgot about it… Nevermind. Here is May’s Vlog.

Let’s chat! What have you been up to? How are your writing projects going? Have you ever traveled in a train before?

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FREE: Rose of the Night

Hi, everyone! How do you like the new blog look? *grins* It took long enough to switch from wordpress.com to paid hosting, but everything is done now. Well, I had the pages and such fixed up early last week, but it took a week for the domain name to switch over and then there were a few minor details to straighten out. But it is done! *cheers* *treats self to cheesecake* *offers extra cheesecake to all of you who decided to stop by*

A huge shout out to my good friend, Kate, who made the graphics for me. I couldn’t have done it without her. Make sure to check out her blog, The Inky Notebook.

Ah, yes. And I said something about ‘free’ in the title. 😉 Well, Rose of the Night is published! The novelette is $0.99 on Amazon, but you don’t have to pay for it because I’m offering it for free to everyone who signs up for my email newsletter.

Behind every beast, there is a curse.

Behind every curse, there is a promise.

Behind every promise, there is a sacrifice.

Over two hundred years before the one he’d know as Beauty was born, Adrian risks all in an attempt to win the heart of the one he loves. Instead, he dooms himself and the rest of Aslaria. Blood and tears weave a legend of hope and sorrow, love and betrayal. Alive only because of the mercy granted by the King, Adrian dedicates himself to the only task that now matters. A mission to undo the night he has caused.

A prequel to Rose of the Oath, this is a timeless tale of a forbidden rose and the smooth voice of a masked stranger. A story of rebellion and despair and love. A story of a promise given and of a hope received.

The story of the Oathkeeper.

Rose of the Night is the prequel to Rose of the Oath which will be released later on in June. You can check it out on Amazon here or you can click here and receive a free ebook copy! If you are already signed up to my newsletter, you should have already gotten an email with your free copy. If not, shoot me an email and I’ll take care of you. 😉

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April Highlights: A Wedding, Spring, and Kingdom Pen

My Life

Lots of fun things this month. Spring is here. I’m wearing short sleeves. And I’ve climbed to the top of my tree for the first time this year – with bare feet. Why do people climb with bare feet in books? It hurts! Well, not that bad, but still… And yes, I do have a tree. At least I call it my tree because I was the only one who could climb to the top when we first moved to this house and the name stuck.

Secondly, remember that wedding I mentioned in my last update? Well, I drove down without a problem. The bypass around Indy was interesting, but nothing too crazy. The wedding itself was great fun. I got to meet friends I’ve worked with on Kingdom Pen. Several of the staff members the left, but the rest of us chatted into the evening as we tore down decorations (or sat on stacked chairs, watching others work). We ended up in my car, driving around hairpin bends, in the dark, around 10:00, singing Hamilton at the top of our lungs on the way to McDonald’s to get some ‘real food’. It was great fun.

Several Kingdom Pen Staffers

Because who doesn’t see a trashcan and decide to climb inside…

Also, some of you might remember me mentioning a brother who was enlisting in the Marines and had to get a waiver for his feet. Well, he got it and he is now sworn in. He’ll be heading off to bootcamp this summer or fall. Yes, I know it doesn’t have much to do with me or writing but #proudsistermoment



  • Scarlet Rose – correcting/rewriting: 8,387 words/seven chapters
  • Fidelyon: 22,251 words/8 chapters rewritten
  • Rose of the Night: send to an editor
  • Rose of the Oath: final corrections


  • Send Rose of the Oath to an editor
  • Publish Rose of the Night
  • Redesign my website (toward the end of this month… if you see weird things happening around the 20th, that is what is going on)
  • Write part 3 of Scarlet Rose
  • Fidelyon… as much as I can get done; another 10-15 chapters

Google Searches:

  • Viney herbal plants Yes, Google, I’m being very specific. Lend a hand, would you?
  • Words that mean black Stygian works
  • Symptoms of a punctured lung Hmmmm, pain? Dizziness, painful breathing…
  • How to tend a punctured lung I’m sure Silvara will figure something out…

Other Writing:

My Life

I discovered Everfound this last month and have fallen in love with their songs. This is one of my favorites:

How have you all been? Have you ever climbed a tree in bare feet? What is your favorite Everfound song, if you listen to them? What sort of goals do you have for this month?

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April Vlog

And it’s time for another vlog!

Have any questions for me? Ask in the comments and I’ll answer them in next month’s vlog. 😀

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March Highlights: Shadows and Launches

My Life

Not much has been going on this month. By which I mean, nothing much to write under a general ‘life’ entry. I have been busy, but that is under my writing entry below – writing pretty much is my life…

But it is getting warmer and the sun shines more often, so that is something.

Oh, and I went bowling for the first time this month. I enjoyed it very much, even if I’ve hardly any clue what I’m doing. I did win the last game, despite my ignorance, so I was starting to get something right.

This month has been mainly swallowed up in publishing Shadows of the Hersweald and trying to ignore things that will be happening over the next few months (like driving to a destination three hours away on my own this coming Saturday. But I’ll have maps and detailed instructions and a phone, so it should be fine.)


Shadows of the Hersweald

  • Check out my free short story, Mercy of Fate, a prequel to Shadows of the Hersweald. Click HERE to claim your copy!
  • I’m sure you’ve heard about it plenty by now, but Shadows of the Hersweald is published. You can check out my Hansel and Gretel retelling by clicking HERE.

Collage by Corissa


  • Scarlet Rose – correcting/rewriting: 18,741 words/part 2 finished
  • Fidelyon: 30,188 words/12 chapters rewritten
  • Shadows of the Hersweald: Finished
  • Rose of the Night: working on beta reader corrections
  • Rose of the Oath: sent off to beta readers


  • Finish Rose of the Night and send it to an editor
  • Get Rose of the Oath to the final polishing stage
  • Write part 3 of Scarlet Rose
  • Fidelyon… as much as I can get done; another 10-15 chapters

Google Searches:

  • What does death smell like? Why do I even need to know this?
  • Wolf claw scars No, I don’t want makeup stuff to pretend I’ve scars of my own
  • Fooling a polygraph Can I take one and see the results?
  • How quickly does a bruise form? Depends… but it won’t look black and purple five minutes after the blow
  • How far can a wolf hear? Five to ten miles, depending on where they are

Other Writing:


Finally, as some of you know, I’ve been helping with Kingdom Pen for a year or two now. Well, this month I became director of the Kingdom Pen writing team! Or, to be more specific, I am the Kingdom Pen Writing Team Captian… with possession of all the puns related to the term of Captian – from ship talk to Steve Roger.

What are some of your most recent Google searches? How have you been doing? Also… would you all be terribly sorry if I stopped Caption Challenges in a month or two? Feel free to chat below or ask me questions. 🙂

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