Changing Winds

And then they stood among the ashes of burned parchments, with broken pens in their hands and ink staining their skin. For the time of writing was over and the time of the end had come.

*smiles sweetly*

I was feeling dramatic. You’re welcome.

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Victory in the March

The screen in the corner blinks from 4:00 to 3:59. Glass shatters in the distance. Tense music fills the small room. An ominous voice warns us of the consequences if we don’t succeed in stealing back a painting before the museum opens. We gather up the final clues, solving them as we go. Another minute down. A stuck door.

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Rebel Heir, Hocking Hills, and Costumes

I did it, guys!

I finished Rebel Heir. More about that in a few moments, but I’m quite happy to have the rough draft done despite all the work I know will need to go into the rewrite.

To celebrate, I’ve taken a trip to a writer friend’s house, then from there to stay with my best friend for a few days. To be quite fair, I’d planned the trip already. Then made it my deadline to get my WIP done. I then beat my deadline for a whole week giving me time to outline new projects. So yeah. Good times.

At Gabby’s house where we played with sais, watched Sherlock Holmes, went hiking, and took pictures on her roof.

Kate’s house has been quite fun too. Even if I did get a bad migraine the day I got there and had to be tended by Kate…who also discovered my phone camera and had too much fun taking photos of the ‘real me.’

My Writing


  • As I said, Rebel Heir is done at 67 chapters and 160,000 words. It’s resting, waiting for me to mend plot holes and rewrite it.
  • Published an article on Darkness in Christian writing on Story Embers.
  • Wrote a flash fiction piece for fun. I’ve got to do more of those.
  • Wrote up a new tagline and am getting plans for overhauling my site. Again. Sometime.
  • Outlined two new projects

Goals for November:

  • Solve the plot holes in Rebel Heir and in the whole universe besides.
  • Take part in NaNo by writing a novelette and novella. More details coming on them soon.
  • Plan a redo of my blog (though that probably won’t happen until December).
  • Attend a Story Embers retreat deal. It’s going to be great fun.

Writing Texts

When a friend discovered who the villain in my story was:

writing texts1

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