Captive Bride

The Volandums had absurd ideas about how to treat a captive princess. I mean, golden chains? Really? Were they showing me off to the people, or were they showing off their own wealth to me? I honestly wasn’t sure anymore.

My mount’s hooves clopped against the flower-strewn pavement of Dezmond’s central street and I briefly let my gaze wander, taking in the towering stone buildings, mapping out routes, exits, dead ends. They were crowded now, with cheering citizens greeting their returning king. Oh yes, and the Elentisaren princess who’d been the price of peace and would become their queen.

I gazed steadily at the faces passing by. Returning each insolent stare with defiance. Each slur with a smirk. Each fragment of pity with determination. But many of the gazes were ones of wonder. Or perhaps they were just staring at my ridiculous white fluttery dress. Loose bits of gauze flew about my waist and a heavy necklace hung about my bare neck while taches of gold fastened my sleeves. All in all, it wasn’t a dress I’d be able to slip away in without being recognized.

But, mostly, my gaze rested on the guards surrounding my mount. An especially grim soldier led my horse, but others closed in on all sides. Two before. Three on each side of me. Four more behind. Not as if they thought I could escape, but I couldn’t help relishing in their worry over the almost mystical legends surrounding the Elentisaren Phoenix, otherwise known as the most deadly woman assassin in history. They seemed to think she’d not stand for her princess being taken by Volandums. And that she’d be coming after me.

Ahead of me, the Volandum king shifted in his saddle. His gaze swept over me for the dozeneth time. And, for the dozeneth time I met his stare with a glare of my own and the slightest curl of my lips.

His own smile creased his beard as he turned away.

The Volandums respected strength. Already the king was well pleased with the spirit of his bride-to-be.

Except all the Volandums lacked one small detail.

And, as the castle of Dezmond loomed over us, I permitted my smirk to deepen. The Volandums thought they were welcoming a bride. Instead they were providing the Phoenix of Elentisa safe passage into their most guarded fortress.

They’d been right about one thing. I wasn’t about to let my cousin, the princess, surrender her freedom for peace.

I was the Phoenix. And I was here to bring Voland to her knees


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  1. Hope, I never saw that coming. She’s the Phoenix! Genius! This! This is want I want the serial story to be. My other pick would be the deadly chains, or dangerous chains, whichever story has the girl seeking the council.

  2. My mistake. Beautiful Chains. And she’s seeking the Witnesses for sanctuary. 🙂

  3. Corissa, Maiden of Praise

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! 😀 😀 😀
    I would choose either this or the unnamed villain for your serial story. I know you said probably not this, but I’m guessing a lot of people want to know the prequel, the ending, the great and amazing life of the Phoenix of Elentisa. 😉
    But the villain would be great too. In fact, anything would probably be great. 😉

    • The Phoenix of Elentisa… It is a possibility, I suppose. But the villain could be fun because I want to write about a villain for some reason. Or maybe…I don’t know. I need to come up with a ‘beginning’ idea, not a scene in the middle of something like most of these seem to be. 😉

  4. I LOVE IT!!!!!

    And I want the unnamed villain. Now. *cough* I mean, please.

  5. I would love to read this as your serial story! I’m already hooked!

  6. This little story amazes me every time I re-read it! I never guessed that she was the Phoenix!

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