Call Name: Golden Sapphire

Area 7A: Sector 3C

1154 hours

Golden Sapphire, be alerted, Black Fury has been spotted heading east by northeast towards your sector. ETA 30 seconds. Repeat, Black Fury has breached Silver Ruby and is flying low. He must not be allowed access to the core. Repeat, he must be stopped. ETA 20 seconds. Golden Sapphire –

“Golden Sapphire reporting in,” Zevlina’s pulse quickened but she lifted the silver wristlet holding a humming crystal to her lips even as she slapped her boots against her dragon’s sleek blue sides. “Golden Sapphire reporting in. Heading to east. Will not allow Black Fury further access.”

Golden Sapphire, be alerted, a lancer is in your vicinity. He’ll lend his aid.

“Wonderful,” Zevlina muttered to herself, turning Sapphire’s head toward the breach and swaying easily as the beast wove though the gold-lit trunks.

Golden Sapphire, be alerted, a lancer –

“Got it.” Zevlina cut the voice off. A lancer indeed. Of all the numerous arrogants, lancers were by far the worse. And if it happened to be Quivlan…

A high shriek echoed through the air and Zevlina shifted her own javelin as her mount burst into a clearing. The deadly black figure of the Black Fury twisted it’s slender body upward, it’s wings flaring then folding as it spun towards her. Quivlan darted under Sapphire, angling his lance towards the Black Fury and Zevlina lifted her wrist to her mouth one last time, clenching her own lance ad the shimmering black skin of the dragon filled her sight.

“Command, be advised, we have found the Black Fury.”

Posted by Hope Ann


Corissa, Maiden of Praise

I want the rest of the story! 😉
This is nicely written- I love the name Golden Sapphire! And the picture is pretty awesome too. 🙂


Thanks. 🙂 Although, unfortunately, I’m not sure about what else could or would happen in this story.

Fereleth, Carrier of Light

Here’s an idea— everyone gets eaten!!!

What? No? Why not???? What about that whole ‘hurting characters so the readers love them more’ thing? It’s not applicable in this situation????


Hmm, she saves him, he saves her, they fall in love. Another dragon breaks though the defenses and they fight it together, both dying to kill it.
The end.

Corissa, Maiden of Praise

This isn’t Shakespeare, Fereleth. 😉 Although killing a character or two might not be a bad idea… at least a dragon or two.

Fereleth, Carrier of Light

Of course not, Corissa! If it was Shakespeare, they’d all get poisoned, except for the girl, who would pretend to be poisoned, and wake up to find everyone else poisoned, so poison herself out of grief.
I think… Shakespeare… had some problems. 😛

Corissa, Maiden of Praise

I agree with you there Fereleth!
Hope, I like your ending. ;D

Fereleth, Carrier of Light

Wow… this is awsome!!! 😀
Zevlina… hm… cool name. Sounds like the feminine form of an oddly familiar one… 😉


Well, you know, when one is writing a quick scene they have to borrow their ideas from somewhere. 😉

Fereleth, Carrier of Light

Absolutely. 😉

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