Shadows of the Hersweald

Shadows of the Hersweald
Series: Legends of Light, Book 3
Genres: fairy tales, Fantasy

Haydn, a reluctantly pardoned rebel, follows a breadcrumb trail of shadows and lies to protect his sister and find a stolen stormestone.

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About the Book

When the war ended, it would have been easy for Haydn to vanish into the dark, trackless forests surrounding his home like so many other defeated rebels.

His mother would have helped him. As would his sister.

But Haydn knows better than anyone what he’s done and what his actions deserve. Not to mention the actions of his former comrades.

Actions that currently involve a stolen stormestone and the safety of his sister. Haydn will protect her at all costs, and the other rebels know it.

Forced to follow a breadcrumb trail strewn with shadows, lies, and duty to those he loves, Haydn’s bitterest fight begins just as the war ends. It’s a fight he intends to win.

Even if it means rejecting the pardon that could save his life.

A Hansel and Gretel retelling, Shadows of the Hersweald weaves the timeless elements of sibling love, breadcrumb trails, and glowing flames with the raw emotions of loyalty, betrayal, and guilt.

The third novella in the Legends of Light series, this short novel is a stand-alone story and contains a handful of allegorical themes.

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