Rose of the Oath

Rose of the Oath
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Series: Legends of Light, Book 1
Genres: fairy tales, Fantasy
Publisher: Wanderhold Press
Publication Year: 2017

Elissa, a stubborn village lass, attempts to save her brother but ends up trapped in a hidden valley with a captor covered in beastly scars.

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About the Book

Picking a rose was a stupid way to trigger a curse, in Elissa’s opinion. But there’s no arguing with the strange, scarred host of a hidden valley who’s taken her brother captive.

Without the resources to mount a rescue, Elissa desperately settles for the next best thing: exchanging her freedom for her brother.

But the longer she stays in the valley, the more Elissa realizes it isn’t just her prison. It holds secrets that her host jealously guards. Secrets that could hold the key to her escape.

Except maybe the curse isn’t a curse at all. And maybe secrets are the only thing keeping her alive.

A Beauty and the Beast retelling, Rose of the Oath weaves the timeless elements of roses and captors and beauties with deeper shades of betrayal, sorrow, and sacrifice.

The first novella in the Legends of Light series, this short novel is a stand-alone story and contains a handful of allegorical themes.

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