Rose of the Night

Rose of the Night
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Series: Legends of Light, Book 0.5
Genres: fairy tales, Fantasy

Behind every beast, there is a curse.
Behind every curse, there is a promise.
Behind every promise, there is a sacrifice.
This is the story of the Oathkeeper.
A Beauty and the Beast prequel.

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About the Book

Adrian didn’t intend to trigger a curse when he broke the rules about touching the King’s roses.

To be honest, he didn’t think much about what would happen beyond, hopefully, convincing the woman he loved of his undying devotion.

After dooming himself and the others living in his valley, however, the term ‘undying’ takes on a new meaning. Because dying means rest, and rest is something Adrian doesn’t deserve.

Not yet.

As months roll into years, and scars layer upon scars, Adrian works desperately to undo the curse he caused.

But in the end, will any effort be enough? Or will another be needed to set the promised oath free?

A Beauty and the Beast prequel, Rose of the Night is a timeless tale of forbidden roses, jealous love, and bitter betrayal. A story of a promise given and of a hope received.

The story of the Oathkeeper.

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