Controlling Your Own Life (and actually getting things done)

Confession time: I don’t actually whip through projects as fast as some people seem to think. More than once I’ve gotten the question ‘how do you get so much done?’ I suppose for people watching me, it might be a logical question. For me, standing amid the chaos I like to call my life, I’m just like ‘what things? I’m getting things done?’

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April Poetry

Any poets here? *halfway raises hand* I don’t really know anything about poetry. But I enjoy writing free verse.

And apparently April is poetry month where one writes one poem a day. So I decided to try, because why not? It’s been a challenge but it’s also fun. And I find myself writing all these little random things I wouldn’t have taken the time for otherwise.

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Claim your copy: Heroes Fall

So this was supposed to go out Friday. It didn’t, because of reasons.

Those reasons mainly involving me not planning my time well and running things too close to the deadline.

But… I have a short story for you all!

HeroesFallPromo copy

For some time I’ve been considering creating a new lead magnet for my newsletter. Basically, something free you get when you sign up. And this is it!

If you are signed up to my newsletter, you’ll have received an email with this short story earlier this morning. Otherwise, you can sign up here to claim your own copy!

COVER REVEAL: Healer’s Bane

*skids in and crashes against wall*

*steadies self*

I’m alive, and still busy. Maybe too busy, but so what?

Anyway, I launched Shadowkeeper two weeks ago. There’s a giveaway going on right now. And…


I told you all back when I revealed Shadowkeeper‘s cover that it was one of my favorites. I wasn’t lying, but this one is even better.

And I have a ‘secret’ for you. While Healer’s Bane is another novella, it is going to be published in paperback!!! Finally.

I’m very excited about that. Smooth and shiny and all the rest.






Kynet hadn’t planned to be in the forefront of the rebellion. That was her brother’s hobby—rallying the people. Plotting against the leaders. Running into dangers she’d have to negotiate him out of.

That was before the Poisoner tried to kill her with many profuse apologies.

That was before she survived, her hands glowing with a strange power she didn’t understand.

With her new ability to heal, Kynet is convinced the rebellion will only doom them all. Taking the people’s pain on herself is a better and all-around safer way. After all, what is the comfort of one worth, compared to the others who can be saved?

Or will it matter at all as her brother lays plans to end the decades of fighting once and for all?

Not only is Healer’s Bane paperback, but it stands alone. I will get back to Legends of Light, but this takes place in another world with completely different characters.

The best part?

It comes out in little over a month. March 29th, to be exact.


Excited much?

Right. You want to see the cover. I suppose…


*grins even wider*

I am so looking forward to this release.

In the meantime, feel free to preorder the book, add it to Goodreads, and do whatever else you might want to do.

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(paperback preorders will be coming)

Well? What do you think?