Between Two Ways

February Highlights

The weather can’t decide if it prefers winter or spring. First coldness and snow, then it melts. Then more snow and slick driveways of ice. After me falling several times, the weather obliges me and decides to get warm–melting, raining, flooding; that sort of a deal.

As for me… caught between half a dozen ways might be more accurate. For some reason I still think I can travel most of them. 😛 Such as me becoming a manager at Culvers.
I’ll get to tell people what to do as part of my job. I’m not a manager yet; I’m training to be one. I’m looking forward to the experience. I’ll probably be spending more time at Culvers, come summer, and I’m going to be quitting my job making hats for Townsends, cool though it is.
Because, hey, writing. I need to have time to do it. And growing my website and helping other writing sites and lots of other cool things. More on that by next month. Probably.

My Writing


  • Sent The Stealthmaster’s Shadow to beta readers and figured out the needed changes to pull it together
  • Created a magic/power system for my world, Marsadon
  • Finished part four of Fidelyon

Goals for March:

  • Finish The Stealthmaster’s Shadow and prepare it for editing
  • Correct part five of Fidelyon
  • Outline the theme and arcs of Scarlet Rose and outline the first book

Google Searches:

  •  Herbs to increase wakefulness ginseng, I think
  • What does ginseng taste like? bitter, earthy… I can work with that
  • Words for water nothing helpful, least not in a way of creating names and powers
  • Stormwarden, among other things. Oh, Sanderson has that name already. Also he has names that are in video games too, so


Random INTJ post just because.


What have you been up to this month? Any new books or great songs or fun collages?

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  1. I loved the INTJ piece at the end. Totally fits me. (I’m a proud INTJ as well) As a note–ginseng is a very popular tea, so if you ever need an easy way to get it down, there you go. And since I’m feeling creative… Perhaps instead of Stormwarden, a StormKeeper or such? I don’t know what it’s for so I can’t be of much help, but there’s my two cents worth for the day. 😉

  2. Yesss my friend, do all the writings. But also it’s so cool that you’re training to be a manager. That’s epic.

  3. Look up names that mean water, sea, storm, etc. I have a character named Maren, which is hebrew (I think) for sea of bitterness or something like that (derivative of Mara (bitter)). So there ya go 🙂

    • Ah, yes. I like doing that with names. I’ll go through Google translate and come up with all kinds of things. XD

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