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November Highlights


Okay, so maybe that doesn’t seem like a huge thing. But when one’s computer dies if unplugged for more than a minute, being able to move it around, charged and cord-free for several hours on end, is one of the most marvelous things ever.

OH! And have any of you seen The Man Who Invented Christmas? I saw it on Thanksgiving with my mom. I have no words.


Just… this face. When one is trying to come up with a plot.

Let me introduce you to one of the most wonderful writing movies ever. It’s about Charles Dickens, trying (and, eventually) writing The Christmas Carol. I don’t know who wrote the script, but the writer’s part was so spot on. The emotions and faces and talking in the mirrors and… it was hilarious. Granted, I don’t talk to characters quite as much as he did in the movie, but when they won’t do what he wants… I want to see it again.

My Writing

I… got some stuff done. Fairly happy, all told. Happy enough to take Thanksgiving weekend off of most of my work.


  • Fidelyon: I corrected part 1 of 5 – 33,600 words
  • My Snow White retelling, now called Treaty’s Curse, is written and in the correcting stages
  • I… created a document for my retelling of Twelve Dancing Princesses. Don’t judge; one has to do it at some point


  • Finish Treaty’s Curse and send it to Rooglewood (don’t really have a choice with this deadline)
  • Correct part two of Fidelyon
  • Outline and write the rough draft of Twelve Dancing Princesses

My Writing:

Google Searches:

Not much this month.

  • How does Bloodroot taste or smell? little smell, taste bitter acrid and persistent; can cause unsteadiness, tunnel vision, burning in stomach, vomiting, faintness, thirst – basically, very fun
  • Herbs for a concussion – turmeric; the name sounds properly cool
  • How long does it take to run a mile? 7 to 10 minutes for a healthy adult in a non-competitive situation… does sneaking through the night count as non-competitive?


I’ve mentioned For King and Country. I’ve been listening to them more after the concert and love them so much. I’ve mentioned that already, I know, but just… the lyrics. I love them so much. Here is one of my current favorites.

Have you seen The Man Who Invented Christmas? What are some of your favorite For King and Country Songs? If you’re entering the Rooglewood contest, are you done with your story yet?

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  1. Congrats on getting so far with your Snow White retelling so soon! I’m still working on the first draft of mine… Apparently one’s main character doesn’t want to talk to them so much when one pretty much destroys their life. XD But I think I’ve finally figured out the theme, and I actually have an idea of where my story’s supposed to go, so it’s getting there. Slowly.

    A Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling… Will that be the next book in your Legends of Light series?

  2. Ooh I’ve seen stuff about The Man Who Invented Christmas, but if you liked it I must see if I can see it. *rubs hands together* It looks really cool.

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