I’m gonna be honest. Writing sucks sometimes.

You’ve written for months; for years even.

You’ve slogged through rough draft after rough draft. You’ve sliced away favorite moments to reach word counts. Your armor is smeared with typos and tiny inconsistencies.

Behind you, the field is littered with plot holes you’ve spent weeks overcoming. Sometime in the weary hours before dawn, you finish pounding out the last words to your draft.

You’re there. Almost.

Except the field in front of you looks nearly as long as the one you just covered.

Sure, the draft is cleaner. But there’s a suspicious hint of stilted dialogue and blank stares from characters your readers can’t connect with. And was the prose always this rough and awkward?

You’ve come this far. You aren’t about to give up now. But sometimes it seems the battle will never end.

You need a guide.

You need someone who’s studied the craft for years. Someone who knows how to avoid land mines and which shortcuts actually work. Someone who will walk beside you long enough to teach you to walk alone.


With over a decade of writing experience behind me, I’ve spent the past few years answering questions from other writers. I’ve written books, self-published a number of works, and run the Story Embers newsletter since its founding.

Warning: We’ll be marching hard. It won’t always be easy and it won’t always be fast. But if you’re committed to putting in the effort, I promise you will learn the skills behind sharp prose, unique character voices, and nuanced emotions.

I’m here to help!

I’m a multi-published fiction author with experience in self-publishing as well as years spent answering writing questions and managing the Story Embers newsletter. I’ve tucked a decade of writing experience under my belt while helping teach eight younger siblings and working in a managerial role for two years. I currently live in the Dominican Republic, serving troubled teenagers. And I’m dedicated to helping you turn your book into a masterpiece.

It all starts with the words you use. Prose is the foundation of compelling stories. Do you want to polish your draft into a masterpiece of authentic character voices and raw emotions? Let me help you craft your prose to fit your own unique style and story.

You’ve made it this far. You’re fully capable of moving forward and I intend to see that you do. Our interactions will be laced with sarcasm, humor, no-nonsense plans, and thought-provoking questions—all with the goal of encouraging and teaching you how to make decisions with confidence.

It doesn’t just matter what you say.

It matters how you say it.

Have you ever written a story, creating themes, characters, and masterful plots that somehow fall short of the dreams you had for them?

Maybe it’s not your story at all. Maybe it’s as simple as finding the correct words to connect your readers to the raw, emotional, nuanced reality of your characters.

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What others are saying

Hope was fun and easy to work with while still giving honest feedback and thorough critiques.

After being mentored for several months, I was amazed by how much I’d grown as a writer, especially in areas of theme, character arcs, and prose.

But my greatest area of growth was in confidence — working with Hope as a mentor allowed me to see exactly where I was as a writer.

Audrey Caylin

While I was doing the best I could at writing, I knew I had come to the place where I needed someone more advanced to help me.

Hope’s coaching exceeded what I expected I’d learn through it.

Hope Ann was very patient with me and helped me through all the tough spots I came across.

This mentoring time was a blessing in my life!

Kathryn Lapp

Prose Review

5k prose review
After reading the first 5k of your novel, I will send you a one page review identifying your style of prose, the strengths and weaknesses of that style, and your own personal areas of growth.

1k word line edit
I will deliver a line edit of the first thousand words covering

  • Subtext of descriptions
  • Subtext of body language
  • Portrayal of emotions
  • Showing vs telling
  • Character thoughts
  • Character reactions
  • Strong dialogue

Action Steps
Finally, I will deliver a page of actionable tips to improve your prose moving forward.

Investment – $45

Click here or scroll to the bottom of the page to set up a 15 minute discovery call.

Prose Breakthrough Mentorship

A five-session breakthrough course teaching you to write raw, gripping, emotional prose now.

Flexible schedule
Email and Google docs provide you with the ultimate flexibility when it comes to working on your own time and finishing assignments.

Five sessions
Each session involves critique and training based on the project of your choice. Your homework applies what you’ve learned through assignments you can use later. By the time you’re completed, you’ll have a polished first chapter, two pieces of flash fiction, and another section of prose of your choice highlighting all you’ve learned.

Prose mastery
Prose connects your readers to your characters, allowing you to create unforgetable moments and emotions. To accomplish this, I’ll teach you about:

  • Subtext of descriptions
  • Subtext of body language
  • Correct portrayal of emotions
  • Showing vs telling
  • Adding character thoughts
  • Nuanced character reactions
  • Strong dialogue

Action Steps
Finally, I will deliver a 1-2 page summary identifying your style of prose, as well as your personal strengths and areas of growth. I will also provide you with actionable tips to improve your prose moving forward.

Investment – $199 (price for a limited time only)

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