August’s Monthly Challenge

First the winner of last month’s challenge!

July writing prompt

And the winner is…


Esther! And it is a poem this time! Congratulations!

Come, dear heart, and listen to me
More things exist than what you see.
Beyond the mortal senses weak
These things exist, and live, and speak
There are more things in heav’n and hell
Than your frail mortal mind can tell.
These things, they dwell in humble homes
Within the pages of the tomes,
Between the covers of a book.
Listen, dear heart, and take a look.
For here there lies a secret fair
One you must guard with utmost care.
For here there dwells a hidden gate
To worlds afar and glorious fate.
I hear you laugh! Dear heart, don’t scorn.
You think this world, weary, worn
Alone exists beneath God’s hand?
Nay! This is not the only land.
And in this room their gateways dwell
To lands most fair and lands most fell.
Yet still, doubt in your heart I see.
Then come, dear heart, if you would be
Free to walk in the lands afar
And stare at diff’rent, distant stars.
If you would give me now your hand,
We’ll travel to another land.
Come, dear heart, and follow me there
Through the book to the lands elsewhere.

Now for August’s Prompt:


fantasy prompt

Picture from Pinterest

You have 100-250 words to write a short story/scene that goes with this picture. You have until August 31st to submit your scene in the comments below. I’ll announce the winner in September. Anyone can enter, but keep your entries clean. No swearing, no gore or sensuality. Have fun and go forth to write!


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  1. Ooh, I love the poem. I didn’t think we could do poetry… *squints at this month’s challenge* Guys… do you think I could write a poem off of that…?
    Okay who cares I’m doing it.

  2. Ooh yes that was a cool poem. <3

    *squints thoughtfully at picture*
    *may possibly remember to do this at some point*

  3. Far away below me,
    In the crowded market-square,
    People jostle, people shout,
    Children scamper round about,
    Fountains twinkle in and out,
    Like strands of silken hair.

    The sunlight on the pavement
    Is like gossamer and gold,
    Its shadows fall across the lights,
    Streaming banners from the heights;
    Pretended lances in pretended fights,
    And bright as it is cold.

    And here above it all I sit,
    Perched like a songbird on the sill,
    While far below me children laugh,
    And dust is in the air like chaff,
    The temple spire a shadowed staff,
    And humanity roams at will.

    Here above it all I sit,
    With my dagger in my hand,
    Watching them pass as so often before,
    My window like an open door,
    The marketplace my ballroom floor,
    And the wide, wide world my land.

    A shadow in the window;
    That’s all I am to them.
    They never see but they pass me by,
    Some fleeting gnat or dragonfly,
    Drowned in the clang of the market cry,
    With nary a hope or a whim.

    So here I sit the long days out,
    Spying on man with a will.
    Waiting and watching and biding my time,
    Marking the pathways of marble and lime,
    Along with the alleys all sooty with grime,
    Perched like a bird on the sill.

    The shadow of their temple spire;
    See how they watch it grow!
    The shadows on the city walls,
    And the blanketing dark like funeral palls,
    While candles burn brighter in burial halls
    Which the wisest of men cannot know.

    Yet see them so blind; so content in their way,
    While their children run after in glee!
    And me sitting here just watching it all,
    With my knife in my hand and my shadow so tall,
    Thinking and plotting and planning the fall
    That the wisest of them cannot see.

    A shadow in the window;
    But a shadow full of rage.
    Appointed by a judging Hand,
    With steel mind and hard command,
    Not caring lest they fall or stand,
    For the wide, wide world’s my stage.

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