August Highlights – Boating, Swords, and Personality Types

Greetings, my fellow Pilgrims. It seems forever since I’ve given you a ‘life update’ even though it’s only been a month. But I know you’re all so eager to hear about what I’ve been doing so I’ll just preface this by saying this month has been completely insane.

There’s not enough time to list everything, so I’ll try to hit the highlights.

My Life

First of all, as many of you know, I published Song of the Sword this month! That was exciting and I had so many wonderful people help with my blog tour and the launch. Thanks everyone *waves* But, all said, I’m glad it’s over. Now I can relax. For three or four months anyway and I guess I’ve a bunch of writing on my next novella so it’s not really going to be relaxing. *sighs*

Secondly, some of my family went to Iowa in the middle of this month to visit Dad’s parents. It’s a nine hour trip. And we got sick. Well, we all were getting colds on the way there and had them the rest of the trip and the way back and at home… Somewhat miserable, but we managed to have fun too. Between resting and some reading I:

  • Saw a vivid sunset, with clouds edged in living gold. I tried to take pictures but they didn’t capture the drama.
  • Got up at 3:00 a.m. and watching shooting stars with my uncle from the back of a truck for an hour an a half. I saw 26 of them shiny silvery streaks across the sky. It was exciting. I was also pretty tired the next day, but the memories were worth it.
  • I learned canoeing (also from my uncle) and canoed a mile across a lake then kayaked the mile back.
  • Skimmed a 300 page book in a few hours.
  • Went boating in my uncle’s boat.
  • Navigated crazy five lane road as we passed below Chicago on the way home. And survived without crashing!

Oh, and changing the topic, but remember those cute little jars I showed you all a month or two ago? Well, here’s how they look now.

Also, I bought a sword! I found it at a local swap meet and spent the next hours touring the booths with the sheathed blade over my shoulder, earning several comments and a number of looks, including the admiring eyes of young boys. Not that they were looking at me, I’m sure. It’s a King Arthur sword and weighs about two pounds. It’s not sharp, but it looks cool and I really like it. Here are just a few beginning pictures I took the morning I bought it.


Lots of writing this month. Like normal.


I’ve two main ones this month, and one part time project.

  • Forest of Darkness, my Hansel and Gretel retelling. I wrote it for July nano and have been working on getting it readable this month.
  • Fidelyon, the new (and, probably, final) title for The Final Clash/The Spear and Shield/Legend of the Shield. I’ve a ‘final’ round of corrections I’m starting. Two chapters a day, and I hope to have it ready for beta readers by the end of September.
  • Scarlet Rose I’m working on this as I have time. Mainly in the evenings in small bits, but those small bits will add up.

Other Writing

  • Are Cliches to be Avoided by a certain Hope Ann on the Kingdom Pen Website. If you haven’t checked them out, you should. It’s a great place for young Christian writers.
  • 101 Lies Writers Tell by Nate Philbrick. I really enjoy the writing humor from his website.
  • Black Mastermind by Writefury. This is a serial story (part of the inspiration for me starting a serial story) which I absolutely love. It’s part seven, but the first six parts are linked and it’s totally worth the time it would take to go read through all of them.
  • Thundering of Hooves by…me. A flashback post last year about how quick and how far a horse can travel.

Cliche Benders

A villain who hates the dark, a hero who has no clue how to fight, a sharpshooting minion, and a princess who doesn’t want to get married or become a warrior. She just wants to be left alone.


I’ve been getting into MBTI typing recently and, apparently, I’m a INTJ. Also, apparently, there are only 0.8 % women who are INTJs. Here are a few scarily accurate pictures I found on Pinterest.

So…yep, that’s me.

So, what about you? What is your personality type?

Have you visited Kingdom Pen yet?

Also, are you ready for school to start…who is getting ready for school? I have teaching, not lessons of my own. But even teaching takes time.

Ready for Autumn to bring some cool weather?

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  1. *giggles at the Dr. Who quotes* I still love ’em and I’ve only watched like three episodes … XD

    Anyway, I might be an INTJ, too! Or an ISTP. Either one.

  2. I have no idea what my personality type is according to Myers Briggs. I’m tempted to go find out at some point.

    Doctor Who!! 9 is my first, but 10 is my favorite. I haven’t watched much of 12 yet (mostly because I really dislike Clara so it’s hard for me to get through those episodes).

    • I really like 9. And 10…while he’s still happy. It took a little bit to get into 12, but I really like him now too…I love them all. 😉 I go back and forth on Clara. Sometimes she’s a little much and sometimes she’s fine.

  3. It looks like you’ve had an awesome month! I LOOOOVE your sword!!! I got a letter opener that looks like a sword. It’s not as spectacular as yours since it’s so small, but it makes me think of Peter Pan so… <3

    I'm mainly a Tenth Doctor and Rose fan, though I love selections of all of them. (Our favorite filtering site is getting them, so I might get to watch some of the later seasons soon.) 😉 I like some aspects of Nine, and Eleven is so hilarious.

  4. I love Doctor Who! Ten is my first and favorite, followed closely by eleven, nine, and four. I heard somewhere that twelve is an INTJ…
    I find MBTI to be very helpful when I type my characters. It’s funny–INTJ females are the rarest, but two of the writing blogs I’ve found so far happen to be written by INTJ females. :{)

  5. I love Doctor Who, though I must admit I have a lot of catching up to do. Nine is great, as is Ten, but I also love Eleven. He’s quite the opposite of Nine, hiding his hurt with a happy pretense, while Nine did hurt but still had happy moments.
    I’m going to have to check out Kingdom Pens. 😉 Sounds cool. And I am so excited for autumn! It is my favorite season.
    I can’t wait for Fidelyon to be open for beta reading! I would love to be a beta reader! 😀

  6. Fun busyness of fun stuff. 😀
    I am an INFP. *holds head proudly high amidst sea of INTJs* I shall defeat you all. Someday. As of right now I haven’t considered forming a definite plan… but I will. Sometime. Most likely before I die. So beware. *flashing eyes*

  7. I am jealous! Jk! It looks like you had a lot of fun boating!

    Cute jars!!

    LOVE the sword!!

    My older sister if an INTJ. I am an ENFP and proud of it!! Some days I love INTJ’s, other days I hate them. 😉

    I haven’t seen Doctor Who, but Mel has. Eleven is her favorite.

  8. Haha, I’m an ENTP…..according to meyers-briggs, logician, though I’m not always logical…..

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