August Highlights: Endings and Beginnings

My Life

Well, knitting hats, helping around the house, working with Kingdom Pen, blogging, self-publishing my first paperback book, and trying to write a few hours a day was apparently not enough in my life. I may have just gotten myself a job at Culvers.

It was partly an accident. One of my brothers, Noah, got a job there a few months back. He worked hard, caught on quickly, and they loved him. When Luke decided to see if he could get a job there, they were very eager to have him as well. Then the manager asked if I had a job. I did (knitting hats) but I’d been looking around to make some extra money on the side. Besides, I wanted the experience. Working with a team. Working in a fast pace setting. Long story, short, I ended up applying, got called the next day and hired the next. Having diligent brothers is an excellent recommendation, apparently.

There is also the awkward moment during orientation for work when you’re told that you, an introverted writer, will be trained for registers because you seem very ‘friendly, open, and outgoing’. I like to think I can pretend. I just didn’t know I did it that well. XD

I don’t start until the middle of September, so I’ve been in a rush to finish up several projects so that when I’ve less time to write I can focus it on one project. Besides, it’s nice to get things done.

So that has been August. Lots of writing. Lots of getting ready for the launch of Burning Rose (you’ve three more days to sign up to help me, if you’d like). Oh, and I went camping for the first time since I was very small. I had a slight cold and was exhausted by the time the two and a half days were over, but it was fun.

My Writing


I am pretty happy with this month’s work.

  • Scarlet Rose: It’s DONE. Well, the second draft. I mean, it needs major theme work and character work and plot work. Basically a rewrite. But this draft is done so I can set it aside as I go to work. I got 12 chapters written/edited this month. The total of the draft is 81,756 words.
  • Fidelyon: almost there. Only 4 chapters left. I wrote 12 chapters/53,000 words this month.
  • Outlined my Snow White story… almost.


  • Write the Snow White retelling for the Rooglewood contest – I’m hoping to get the rough draft done before starting work, but we’ll see.
  • Finish Fidelyon. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this… also, the final word count is gonna be over 200,000. Just saying.

Google Searches:

  • Herbs to prevent infection Calendula
  • How long does it take to bleed out from a stomach wound Dependsfigures. I could have told you that
  • How to slowly break an arm *whimpers* don’t ask why
  • If you hold your breath and pass out, how long until you wake up not long because you start breathing right away
  • What does a dislocated shoulder sound like guys, it is the third plot point/darkest point of the story, okay? Don’t judge
  • How to fix a dislocated shoulder see, I do try to help them
  • Symptoms of a fractured upper leg and… then I hurt them again
  • Symptoms of a bruised windpipe almost asked a nurse about this then decided to consult Google instead
  • Ways to make someone black out *blinks innocently* What?
  • Herb to numb pain *sweet smile* I do take care of my boys. Eventually


Trying to get some reading done…


Why do we need sleep? The evenings are so quiet and my work is done and it’s the only time I have for reading. I want nothing more than to curl up and stay on the couch until midnight.

What have you been up to this summer? Have you worked at Culvers or a fast food restaurant before? What are you reading nowadays?

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  1. Ha ha, I love your google searches. You sound like me. The other day I remember googling, “Symptoms of broken ribs, ways to get a permanent limp, how fix a sprained ankle, medieval medicines for pain, and symptoms of a dislocated wrist.”
    I know, I torture my guys. I just hope no one ever looks up my history and is like, “Whoa man, are you a serial killer or something?”
    My reply: “No, I’m a writer.”
    “So you just kill a bunch of people when you write?”
    Anyways, Fidelyon’s almost done!!! YAY! I really, really, really want to read this book. Please finish it. *big puppy eyes* I will send you hundreds of adorable baby animals.

    • Ways to get a permanent limp… yessss. I’ve looked up that before too.

      Yes, I’m very excited about Fidelyon. I’ll need to run back over it one more time before it’s ready for beta reading, but that won’t take as long as this rewrite. 😉

  2. Oh, btw, where did you get those awesome progress trackers for Fidelyon and the Scarlet Rose? Are they from nano or something?

    • They are from a plugin called MyBookProgress. It’s free, but you have to be able to add plugins to your blog to have them. They were one of the biggest reasons I was excited about switching to paid hosting. XD

  3. I’m a little worried for you precious characters… *snatches them away to protect them* So exciting that you’re almost done Fidelyon!!! *throws confetti* YOU CAN DO IT, HOPE.

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