April Poetry

Any poets here? *halfway raises hand* I don’t really know anything about poetry. But I enjoy writing free verse.

And apparently, April is poetry month where one writes one poem a day. So I decided to try, because why not? It’s been a challenge but it’s also fun. And I find myself writing all these little random things I wouldn’t have taken the time for otherwise.

30 poems are obviously too much to post (and the month isn’t over anyway) but here are my three favorites so far:

This first one was written for a character in a flash fiction piece I’m writing.


These breaths
I shouldn’t breath
Tear in my throat.

These heartbeats
I shouldn’t feel
Burn in my chest.

These tears
I shouldn’t cry
Brand my cheeks with scars.

They thought
To make a hero.
Now they curse me.
Hate me.
Disown me.
Instead of a hero
They found a coward.

I kept my life.
I lost all else.
And in the life I gained,
They gave me only death.


This next one was a bit I wrote late at night for fun

Fire Chant

Fire, fire,
Growl and glower.
Snap the shadows
Fear their power.

Ashes, ashes,
Shift and smother.
Bind the wind
Meet death’s brother.

Fire, ashes,
All devour.
Find the fallen
In their tower.


And this is a sad one I wrote when my mind was blank.


When I said
Knew I
Was coming

I didn’t
You wouldn’t


This has been a fun month, exploring poetry. And I’ll have 30 poems to show for it. Not all very good, but still. *smirks*  It was fun. Have any of you taken part in poetry month before?

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  1. I forgot it was poetry month! lol but I love writing poetry. For me it can’t be planned tho; even if I’m in the middle of doing something and a poem comes on I have to stop everything and write it down. =) I wrote a nice one about the reason for living the other day.

    • I used to not plan them, but this month I have been so it’s been interesting to see what I can produce ‘on command.’

  2. *also halfway raises hand* I don’t write much poetry either, just a few real big ones. I mostly write haikus. 😛

    I beg to differ — your poetry is wonderful. Whoof, thirty poems? You’ve been busy!

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