There you are! Finally. I’ve been waiting.

Hey there! It’s Hope.

I have a lot of practice with words.

  • I started writing seriously over ten years ago, when I was sixteen
  • I’ve self-published over seven books
  • I wrote dozens of articles, first for Kingdom Pen and then for Story Embers
  • I’ve answered questions about writing and crafted newsletters for Story Embers for several years
  • With eight younger siblings, I learned how to communicate at different levels
  • With the study of personality types, I learned how to communicate to different people
  • With my work at a therapeutic boarding school, I continue to fine-tune my knowledge of how phrases and tone affect others
  • I’ve seen the disastrous effects of miscommunication and lack of communication.

Words are puzzles. They’re magic. They take our thoughts and passions and feelings and turn them into something shareable.

Words are the foundation to your story. To that message you long to share. To the truth that can change someone’s life.

Words are powerful. Let me help you chose the best ones.

As for my own message, I am committed to the idea that hope can outlive any shadow. That everything matters, even the small things in life. And that life is meant for more than the weary humdrum of day-to-day existing.

Not as if my life is in danger of being considered ‘humdrum.’

  • I’ve lived in the Dominican Republic for over a year
  • I work at a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers
  • I’ve jumped into a waterfall
  • I love dressing up and taking cool (or weird) costume pictures
  • I hiked the tallest mountain in the Caribbean (and survived)
  • I own sais, nunchucks, bow and arrows, and a sword; also machetes
  • I’m terrible at spelling
  • My taste in music is about as random as my taste in clothes
  • I tend to make two main meals on a regular rotation because they’re my favorite: black pepper chicken and fajitas
  • Learn more about my life in the Dominican Republic by clicking here

Official bio

Hope Ann likes to think of herself as a dragon-riding, griffin-taming founder of worlds and explorer of legends. In reality, she’s the oldest sister of eight siblings and works with troubled teenagers at Caribbean Mountain Academy.

Alongside learning Spanish and adventuring in the Dominican Republic, she writes a wide range of fantasy. Fueled by experience, relationships, and constant learning, she works to provide an escape from the grind of normal life through fiction and her blog.

Day to day life involves staying up too late, reading, researching stab wounds, and struggling to remember the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect’. She is the self-published author of over seven fantasy books, a writing coach, and the newsletter manager for Story Embers.

Enlist in her ranks to be in the know, meet her alter ego, and receive a free book by clicking here!

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