A Hero’s Life According to Doctor Who

Because gifs and Doctor Who is amazing.

when they realize they're in a book

When your main character discovers he’s the hero of your book

when he sees your plans

When your hero discovers what you have planned

when they want to know what is happening

When side characters what to know what is going on

when given the option to sneak into an enemy compound alone

When the hero is given the option of breaking into the enemy fortress single-handed

revealing hes a prince

When your hero discovers he’s actually a long-lost prince

to side characters who take over story

When side characters are trying to take over the plot

suffering through the middle

When they have to wait for the climax

meeting a friend

When they meet a friend and realize they don’t have to face the author alone

best friends

Discovering a plot twist at the same time as your hero

more bad ideas

When the hero is giving reasons you should listen

before they save peopel

You to your hero at the third plot point

preparing for climax

Preparing the save the world

after all the things

After the climax

coming home

A pleasant resolution

And…a bonus and my favorite one

when they are hope ann's characters

If you are one of Hope’s characters…


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  1. Corissa, Maiden of Praise


  2. You know the memes are good when you haven’t watched the show and you still find it hysterically funny

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