2020 Meme Contest

Want to have a little extra fun in October? Welcome to my first ever (but hopefully not last) meme contest!!!

MEME CONTEST RULES (yes, you have to read this first)

  • Goal: to create memes of my stories, let people vote on them, and have fun.
  • You create memes from your favorite characters/stories I’ve written. There are three categories. You can submit up to two memes for each.
  • Categories are 1. Legends of Light memes, 2. Marsadon (basically all the novellas not Legends of light) memes, and 3. ‘Hope and/or Scarlett’ memes. Because letting you guys make fun of me would be amazing. (details on how to make the memes below.)
  • The deadline is Wednesday the 21st of October
  • Submit to authorhopeannATgmailDOTcom and make sure to include the link of your background picture.
  • Winners are voted on by the public in two rounds, one to chose finalists and one to choose an overall winner.
  • Prizes are a free ebook for everyone who gets a meme picked for the finalist round (one book per person, not one per meme chosen) and then a $15 Amazon gift card for the winning meme, with possible second and third prizes if we get enough votes.


Since this is marketing, the pictures must be royalty-free, from sites like Unsplash or Pixabay or (what’s more fun) paintings from before 1923. I have a Pinterest board of them here and there is also a cool site where you can find pages of photos like this.

Take your photo of choice (keep the link you got it from because you’ll need to send that in with the meme), upload it to this super cool website called imgflip, add text, save it, and you’re set! Or use another website/program to edit; it’s up to you.

Even though we aren’t using ‘normal’ meme backgrounds, there’s still room for a lot of fun, like in this one my friend, Kate, made.

Note: by participating in this contest, you are giving me permission to use these memes over the next few months in relation to my books. I’ll give credit, of course. Or, if you don’t want me to use them, you can just say so and enter the contest anyway.

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