Caption Challenge: April #2

First the winners from the last challenge:


Caption Challenge winner is: Sarah

“No. It’s about time someone stood up for what’s right, and since no one else will, it might as well be me. So get used my rebellion.

Six word story:

Six-Word-Story: sleepwalkingmk

Normal meant life. Different meant death.

Congratulations, guys! And now for this week’s collage:

fantasy sea prompt

Anyone can enter this caption challenge; the only requirement is that you keep your entries clean.🙂 You’ve two entries (you can pick one, or two both). One entry is a caption, the other is a six-word-story (which needs to tell a story, not just be a six word caption). I’ll post the winner next Monday, as well as the next caption challenge!


9 thoughts on “Caption Challenge: April #2

  1. Caption Challenge:

    The storms rattled the boat, but still, that unsettling grin perched on his lips. He was alive. Alive and in his elements. Storms could do nothing to him, they were but a plot twist in his story. He had faced storms before, watched his boat sink, yet he never drowned. The sea was his home, and despite what many say to the contrary…

    He had reason to believe the sea loved him back.

    Six Words: Begin anew and start something better.


  2. Wow, I can’t believe I won! Anyways, caption:

    I turned the page in my story. It was blank, except for words scrawled on the bottom corner.
    “It’s your turn to decide your fate.” I read them out loud, wondering what they could mean. Outside, the sea swelled and shook the timbers of the boat. Confused still, I turned to the next page.
    “You can’t run any farther. Stop hiding and become who you were meant to be.”
    I turned the page again, growing frantic. The wordsmith had said this was my story, and my fate. But why didn’t it end?
    Written in scarlet ink across the entire page, read,
    “You can either continue living your worthless life, or you can become someone who matters. It’s all up to you.”
    My hands shook so hard I dropped the book. But suddenly, an answer popped into my mind. Leaping up the steps, I ran to the captain across the slippery, rain-soaked deck. “Noran! Turn the ship around! We have to go back!”


  3. Lovely entries, winners. 🙂

    “He stared at the calm and peaceful shore, then at the story seas beyond. A peculiar smile lifted the corners of his lips, and he grabbed his quill pen. ‘Turn the page,’ he wrote, ‘and decide how your story continues. For you are but a character in the midst of a grand plot fashioned from the results of your choices. Only you can decide what happens next.’ ”

    “He wrote to calm the storm.”


  4. Congratulations winners!

    ‘The storms of life
    Have torn your past;
    Shipwrecks mark your way.
    And ever looking back you see
    The dark that mars the day.
    No compass granted ever was;
    No map nor prophecy nor gauge.
    But back is not the way to look—
    It’s time to turn the page.’

    ‘We were friends, Sea and I.’


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