Shadows of the Hersweald: Table of Contents Reveal and a Gift

Two weeks ago I asked you all to vote on what sort of Shadow of the Hersweald post you would like to see. Pinterest pictures of all the characters won by a wide margin last week. A reveal of the Table of Contents came in second, so guess what I have today. 🙂 Oh, and make sure you stick to the end because I have a treat for you all!


Collage made from Pinterest pictures

Without more ado, here is the Table of Contents.

Chapter 1: The Prince’s Governor

Chapter 2: Unwanted Pardon

Chapter 3: Like Old Times

Chapter 4: Shadows and Flames

Chapter 5: Rebels

Chapter 6: The Firecarn

Chapter 7: Whispers of the Hersweald

Chapter 8: Traveon

Chapter 9: The Stormestone

Chapter 10: Unmasked

Next week the blog tour starts, so I wanted to add in the item that came in third place… as much because I love it as for any other reason. This is Haydn’s song. I like finding songs to match my characters. Haydn was very difficult. I’d given up before I found it by accident. They lyrics aren’t perfectly him, but the spirit of the song very much is his own struggle.

And now for the treat I promised… A free short story that prequels Shadows of the Hersweald!

Thanksgiving sale(2)

If you are signed up to my newsletter, you’ll have gotten a copy of this free story on Wednesday. If not, you can claim your free story by clicking HERE or clicking the picture above. 😀

Oh, and one final bit of unrelated info… Song of the Sword is ON SALE for $0.99 for all of this next week in celebration both of the upcoming Indy e-Con (which you can check out HERE) and because Shadows of the Hersweald is coming out. So if you want to check it out, but haven’t had the money to do so, now is your chance. You can go pick it up HERE!


Shadows of the Hersweald: Table of Contents Reveal and a Gift!

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