Caption Challenge: March #1

First the winners from the last challenge:


Caption Challenge winner is: Rubix Cube

He was sent away in the beginning, when his powers were unexplainable. Men with helmets came and took him away. I remember mother crying. But there was one thing he could do that only I knew. He could read minds. When we met again as adults, we were strangers. I had never seen his face, and I was foreign to him. I was but crawling when he left. But when I heard his voice, I knew.

This was the voice that calmed my nightmares as a child.

Six-Word-Story: Corissa, Maiden of Praise

“Separated at birth, joined by enemies.”

Congratulations, guys! And now for this week’s collage:

fantasy prompt

Anyone can enter this caption challenge; the only requirement is that you keep your entries clean.🙂 You’ve two entries (you can pick one, or two both). One entry is a caption, the other is a six-word-story (which needs to tell a story, not just be a six word caption). I’ll post the winner next week, as well as the next caption challenge!


11 thoughts on “Caption Challenge: March #1

  1. *stares in shock* *fist pumps* *dance of celebration* I’m honestly really shocked. All the other captions were so brilliant ^-^ *mango celebration juice for everyone*


    “You know what happens if we reveal the lie, don’t you?” I fidgeted, tucking my hands into my pockets, wishing for the comforting metal that adorned her figure.

    “The walls come crashing down, just like Jericho.” She grinned widely. “And we run like hell’s gates are closing.”

    “This is the worst idea you’ve ever had.” I muttered, slipping my long cloak over me as she simply winked.

    “I know.”

    Six Word Story: Nevermore will lies keep our walls.


  2. Awesome job, winners! 🙂

    Six-Word-Story: “If you lie, you will die.”
    Caption: “She raised her head and glared at her tormentor. ‘I may have been captured, but my King is not yet done with me.'”


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