Shadows of the Hersweald: Character Pictures

Last week I asked you all to vote on what sort of Shadow of the Hersweald post you would like to see. Pinterest pictures of all the characters won by a wide margin, so here we go! Some pictures are closer to the character than others, but they were the best I could fine.


Clothes aren’t right, but this Haydn, my main character


This is very much Gorawen, Haydn’s cousin/half-sister


Traveon, a friend of Haydn and son of the province governor


Mathias, the province governor


Artaith, Haydn’s mother



Eurof, Haydn’s stepfather






I do not own any of these pictures; they are all found on Pinterest.

Well, what do you think? If you’ve already read Shadows of the Hersweald as a beta reader, do the pictures look like you imagined the characters or not?




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