Shadows of the Hersweald and A Poll

Shadows of the Hersweald, Shadows of the Hersweald… I know, I know. That’s all it seems I’ve been talking about recently. Well, that’s not quite true. Just… half true. But hey, the launch is in less than four weeks. Wait, what? *stares at calendar* I thought I had… Never mind. But can we just have a moment of silence for the fact that it is March ALREADY???

*draws deep breath*

Moving on now…

I’ve been talking about the novella for awhile now, but today it is your turn! I’m going have two special posts about Shadows of the Hersweald for the next two weeks and you get to pick what I will post. Would you like Shadows of the Hersweald themed wallpaper for your electronic devices? Do you want a sneak peek of the trouble I had coming up with this novella (I may or may not have written the whole thing with a different main character at one point…). Or how about a list of chapter titles or the main character’s song (yes, I’m weird like that. I like picking songs to go with my characters.)

Anyhow, vote below on what you would like by ranking each item with one being your favorite idea and five being your least favorite idea. Only use each number once.

Have any other ideas? Comment below and I might add them in as extras!


2 thoughts on “Shadows of the Hersweald and A Poll

  1. Sounds cool! Have you ever had this idea while you where writing about making your character do something funny but it wouldn’t work at that moment so you never put it in?


    • Sometimes. Or I’ll have funny lines in a book, then when I’m going though a second time I have to take them out because they don’t fit. 😦 Or sometimes I’ll just write random bits. I have a few paragraphs showing how various MCs would act if they were locked in a room and deathly bored. It was pretty funny. 😄


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