Caption Challenge: February #4

First the winners from the last challenge:


Caption Challenge winner is: Corissa Maiden of Praise

“I think of you every time I brush her hair- it reminds me of the gold coin you gave me the day we met. I doubt not she would release me if I asked it, but she needs me, my love. Not only is she my mistress and my queen, she is my friend- and I am perhaps the only true friend she has left. A year’s delay will not diminish our love for each other- not even the fires of the east could do so. And so I’ll wait.”

Six-Word-Story: Fereleth, Carrier of Light

‘Race against Time, fighting for love.’

Congratulations, guys! And now for this week’s collage:



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Anyone can enter this caption challenge; the only requirement is that you keep your entries clean.🙂 You’ve two entries (you can pick one, or two both). One entry is a caption, the other is a six-word-story (which needs to tell a story, not just be a six word caption). I’ll post the winner in two weeks along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge!


Updates: Shadows of the Hersweald Launch Team

So, I announced that I was building a Launch Team for Shadows of the Hersweald last week. You can find out details about the novella in that post (oooh, look, I even have a link *smirks*). Today I have what I didn’t have then. Details. Always a nice thing to know – for you, I suppose, but also for me.


I’ll contact everyone in my launch team during the first full week of March. I will be setting up a closed Facebook group too, and will contact you all either through there or through email (depending on how many people are actually on Facebook.)

For those of you who signed up for review copies of Shadows of the Hersweald, I’ll send out ebook copies of the novella that first week as well.

The next week I’ll have one or two tasks involving a short story I wrote that happens before Shadows of the Hersweald and that will be free to everyone who signs up to my newsletter. I’ll also send out blog tour stuff for everyone has signed up for that.

The last week before the launch will involve sharing about the book as well as a countdown. Then, of course, there will be the first week of the launch itself where anyone interested (be they part of the launch team or not) can share about Shadows of the Hersweald, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

To be clear, however, you can pick and choose what you would like to do. You aren’t obligated to do everything. Now, there will be a point system. Everyone who reaches 50 points will receive several bookmarks in the mail. Or a Shadows of the Hersweald bookmark and maybe a magnet or…never mind me. I just got an idea this morning and I need to look into seeing how it will work. Moving on, the person who gets the most points will receive a dagger and a leatherbound journal (there is a vague possibility this last prize will change, but I doubt it). I also have a second dagger. I’ll draw lots to see who gets that one. And… I don’t have pictures yet. But they are pretty cool. 😉

One final note… those who want to help but don’t have a blog and aren’t on social media. There are a few things you can do if you really want to help.

  • Sign up to read and review the novella on Amazon
  • Tell friends and penpals about the novella, along with information on where to get it (just mentioning my site, or that it can be found on Amazon)
  • Send Shadows of the Hersweald bookmarks to penpals; only ones who you think would be interested, of course. 😉

If you can do this, feel free to signup for the for the Launch Team.

And… that is pretty much it. *grins* You can sign up HERE if you are interested, and I will be seeing you all next week!

Oh, one last thing. What are your thoughts on a Facebook party? I’ve seen writers doing them, and I’ve taken part in some, but have never tried to host one myself. Is it something you would be interested in? Let me know in the comments below!


A Vlog…

So, this was supposed to part of the Very Awesome Vlog Challenge. Except I pretty much messed up the whole thing. Not only did I forget to answer the questions from December (I’ll get to them in a few weeks, I promise) I actually answered the last challenge’s questions instead of the February-April questions. No wonder they seemed slightly familiar. The answers might be different, though… In any case, I filmed it, so you guys get to watch it. 😉 I’ll film another one in about two weeks and answer all the right questions this time.

So, there you are. If you have any questions, comment below and I will go through all of them and try to answer everyone in the next vlog.

Caption Challenge: February #3

First the winners from the last challenge:


Caption Challenge winner is: Rebecca

She laughed, a broken sound that was full of hidden sorrows. “And what would I tell them? They cannot know, cannot understand, what it means to gamble an entire kingdom-and lose. I will never reveal to them our betrayal, nor burden them with a legacy of shadows.”

Six-Word-Story: Corissa Maiden of Praise

“A child’s ears aren’t easily deceived.”

Congratulations, guys! And now for this week’s collage.



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Anyone can enter this caption challenge; the only requirement is that you keep your entries clean.🙂 You’ve two entries (you can pick one, or two both). One entry is a caption, the other is a six-word-story (which needs to tell a story, not just be a six word caption). On Saturday I’ll pick a winning caption and I’ll post it next Monday along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge!


I’m Building a Launch Team!

Hello, my fellow pilgrims! I’m doing something new today. I am building a launch team for Shadows of the Hersweald! It’s only a month and a half until the third novella of Legends of Light is released. Signups and details for the launch team are included below, but first… a few details about the novella itself in case you aren’t familiar with it.


A battered soldier from a defeated army, Haydn knows the only end to the arrival of the Prince’s governor is chains, followed by punishment and possible execution. Except he hasn’t counted on the Prince himself. Or the pardon which his recent foe has declared to acquit all those who fought against him.

A pardon Haydn detests.

A pardon that refuses to punish the rebels now threatening his own village. And his sister.

Guilt-ridden from his own actions during the war, Haydn knows there are others who have no conscience at all. Others who are using the freedom of the pardon to forward their own desperate schemes.

With enemies closing in on all sides, a pardon that refuses punishment, and nightmares of murder and fire haunting his every thought, will Haydn recognize the truth or will his fear condemn everything he loves to destruction?

So… the launch team.

*grins* *rubs hands together*

I’m really excited about this. I’ve never had a launch team before, but I’ve been part of a few, so hopefully I’ve some idea of what I am doing.


I have a form below where you can sign up to join me in launching Shadows of the Hersweald. You can get an advance reader copy for review. You can join the blog tour. You can take parts in various countdowns as well as share posts around the launch date. How much you do is up to you, but I’ll assign points for tasks, with a grand prize for the person with the most points and a drawing for a second prize among the others who have helped. I’m also considering having ‘goal’ prizes, such as having third drawing if I sell fifty ebooks the first week, a fourth drawing if I can sell one hundred ebooks, etc.

More details about prizes will be forthcoming. There are a few items I’m considering, such as a cool dagger, but I’m waiting to see it and make sure of the quality before I announce it. There might even be some physical swag, like cool bookmarks, for anyone who reaches a certain number of points.

Once you join the launch team, I’ll share information via an email list and a facebook group. If you want to be part of the blog tour or review a copy of Shadows of the Hersweald without all the rest of the launch team stuff, you do have that option as well.

And, without more ado, click here is the form to sign up!

Signups will end on March 3rd and I’ll see you all then. In the meantime, have a great day! 😀

Fidelyon: ‘M’ and ‘N’ with Ethaniel

‘M’ with Ethaniel:

Ethaniel, the main character in my novel, Fidelyon, has taken it upon himself to introduce you to his world by going through an alphabet of terms and names.


So we come to the middle of the alphabet. And there is pretty much one man who stands out to claim the letter ‘M’: Moritz.

Moritz is the Army General under King Kystan. A Volandum by birth, he traveled back from Voland when Kysten returned nearly twenty years ago now. One of the few survivors of the ambush which struck the king, he has served him faithfully and loyally ever since.

Firm with soldiers, Moritz is known for being a strict general with a touch of harshness. He is not a man I particularity care to run up against. Of course, as a messenger, that shouldn’t be a problem since his authority lies elsewhere…


‘N’ with Ethaniel:

The Northern Wastes. Hey, it starts with N. And it’s not a place I particularly want to visit either, though Drexin is keen on exploring there. Even the fact that it lies over the Galatea Mountains in Voland isn’t enough to deter him.



Frozen leagues of snow and ice, mixed with ravines and stony hills, present a fairly forbidding aspect. I’ve heard the cold recedes during the summer, revealing sparse grass and beautiful golden flowers. But, for myself, I’d not go there for all the flowers in the world. Not with the wolves which are rumored to live there, trained and ridden by fierce riders…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Basically, if you want to visit the Northern Wastes, take Drexin or Jagger. I will be quite happy to listen to your adventures in the shade of a tree or beside a crackling fire when you get back.


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Caption Challenge: February #2

First the winners from the last challenge:


Caption Challenge winner is: Corissa Maiden of Praise

“I was supposed to retire five years ago. This was supposed to be my last case. And I suppose, technically, it still is. But I never thought it would take this long. I’ve never failed before- I’ve been too stubborn. Prideful. But five years… and here I am, talking to your picture. I’m sorry Kenneth, but I have to quit before I snap. Good-bye, brother.”

Six-Word-Story: Odelia C.

“You know she’s gone. Give up.”

Congratulations, guys! And now for this week’s collage.



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Anyone can enter this caption challenge; the only requirement is that you keep your entries clean.🙂 You’ve two entries (you can pick one, or two both). One entry is a caption, the other is a six-word-story (which needs to tell a story, not just be a six word caption). On Saturday I’ll pick a winning caption and I’ll post it next Monday along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge!


New Fantasy Times: Advancing Fantasy Technology

Advancing Fantasy Technology

Fantasy equals a sword, a bow, and a golden prophecy, right? Wrong. Do you honestly think that the realm in which you live contains the smartest, most advanced people? Of course, ‘advanced’ can have plenty of definitions. That aside, you might be surprised to find the realms which people in this land deem as ‘fantasy’ have a few tricks of their own.

new-fantasy-times-pinsWhat is technology after all? A thin device which carries words and pictures. An invisible thread in the air which connects the aforementioned devices. A globe of glass which glows. A chest which keeps things cold. A metal box which hurtles across the country at high speeds… It’s not quite so grand as some like to think.

Plenty of worlds have their own forms of useful (and not so useful) tools. There are the Silver Shells, which one can speak into and their voice will travel outwards to all other shells which are properly tuned. The Ruby Crystals hold pictures, even if they do tint them all red. Fire globes can carry heat and light for up to a week. One ice globe can keep a whole room cool. Swooping, kite-like contraptions carry individuals from one place to another.

The abilities of other realms are not limited to comfort and information. To be sure, swords and bows are quite popular. They were used for over three thousand years in our own realm, you will remember. But I have seen many other weapons. Powders that burrow into the foundations and, once fire catches on them, nothing can put it out. Catapults hurl explosions at iron-clad walls. Tubes send such explosions half way across the world. Hologramic soldiers march in rank and scatter confusion among the enemy. Mixtures seeped in water to weary the limbs and terrify the hearts. Other realms are not lacking in imagination or resources, let me assure you.

It is not just about what great men can think up either. The very air of some lands is different from those of others. There is one realm where currents layer the breeze. Two people in the same current can speak to each other though they are miles away. In other places, pools capture images and stones leave impressions of who was last there, while wind caves catch voices and echo them through deep caverns of the earth.

How people communicate and what they wield is just the beginning. The realms themselves are hardly what so many histories nowadays show them as…all green and swords and golden light or else dark and stony and hard. The past is not always pleasant, nor the future always hard.

Fantasy worlds are destroyed as well and must rise from the ashes. Realms and creatures from other realms interconnect – be they coming from the moon or from the sea. Wagons roll north over great deserts inhabited by wolves. Sleek silver ships combat dragons in the sky over glittering cities.

Quite frankly, no matter how many different ideas you can twist or merge, you will be able to find an existing world within the details. There is no limit except your imagination…and your realm leaper abilities.


Have any questions, legends, or trending cliches you’d like Kirin Quillblade (or Elena) to address? Please comment below; he promises to at least read what you have to say between his realm leaper’s missions, even if he holds the rights to choose what to write about and what to ignore.


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I don’t normally write flowery, dramatic monologues, but about a month a got I got inspired (from the language of Fahrenheit 451 and Shakespeare) and this was the result.

The Rain

The rain rages in mindless anger, dashing against choking walls, streaming down bricks, racing along pavement. Hard, cold drops stabbing though papered shelter, soaking clothing, battering skin, matting hair, coating all in icy reasonless fury. On and on and on, it pours, smashing, slashing, crashing…

The rumbles fade. Time slows. Leaden skies, weeping frigid tears. The wind howls about sharp corners, catching a soggy banner of smeared ink, tossing it against the alley walls, discarding it again. Softly now the drops fall, streaming quietly in bitter sorrow.

So much the desolate grayness sees. So much to weep for. The starved. The sick. The withered faces and infant cries. Shadowy figures, huddled against the wintery tears. Young lips, so cold. Ancient eyes, so blank. The men, with death in their eyes and life in their hands. Hearts of despairing hope and sight already veiled with darkness.

But hark. A light. A wind. The drops twist and dance. A fleeting smile. A fragmented laugh. The flicker of hope. Molten drops of silver and gold. The pavement a polished floor. The grimed walls a bejeweled passage.

Faces uplifting. Eyes opening wide. Murmuring laughter, washing clean the earth. Caressing shivering skin. Soothing trembling limbs.

Drop by drop, the rain quickens. The light fades. Shadows grow. Darker, thicker, the anger returns. The rumbling rage, keeping time with the tramp of boots. Stark lighting bolts glint off polished steel. Metal glitters, slicing the rain’s protective embrace.

Still the mist falls, thicker and faster, veiling the eyes of those who wait. Those who hide. A thunderous crash to cover the crack of weapons. A shattering roar. Lashing wind, slamming rain against the stained steel and streaming coats. Retreating coats. Fading steps.

The gloom lifts. Light gleams again. Wind moans through the street. A silenced voice. An exhaled breath. A stilled crawl. Crimson seeps across the ink-stained banner. Scarlet mingles with gold and silver, carried away in endless rivulets dropping from the weeping sky.

February Prompt Challenge

At the beginning of January, I posted a prompt challenge for a complete scene instead of just a caption. Behold the prompt:


And the winner is Corissa Maiden of Praise!

You forgot your gloves.
I glanced at my hands as frustration swept through my body. Of all the things to forget… it wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t started to rain.
I sighed as the torrent increased. It seemed even the heavens were mourning for me today.
They’re not mourning for you, idiot. They’re mourning for him.
I wanted to scowl at the voice inside my head, to argue with him, but all that came out was a sigh. He was right, and I was too overwhelmed to fight a losing battle just now.
I reached inside my coat to insure that the gun was staying dry. My stomach churned as my fingers grasped the cold metal barrel.
My whole body tensed, and I glared fiercely at the street below. It wasn’t as if this was my first assassination; why was it so hard?
Because this time he’s your friend.
I swallowed the catch in my throat and tried to ignore the voice.
Because this time…
I tried to tune out, but I knew what was coming next and couldn’t stop the thought.
He’s your brother.

Congratulations, Corissa! Seriously, I want the rest of this story now.

And now for the next prompt.



Picture source

You have 100-250 words to write a short story/scene that goes with this picture. You have until February 28th to submit your scene in the comments below. I’ll announce the winner in March.  Anyone can enter, but keep your entries clean. No swearing, no gore or sensuality. Have fun!