Black Friday Sale – Also Running on Thursday

All the big stores are having their Black Friday sales days and weeks in advance, so I decided I’d do the same. And instead of calling it a Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale, it’s easier to just say Black Friday Sale.

Also… *clears throat* *glances to either side* *takes deep breath* HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

And since everyone is talking about what they are thankful for, I’m just going to pass on that right now, even though I am very thankful for about everything in my life, and just post this picture…


And I have a gift for you. Until the end of November, I am offering an exclusive Song of the Sword wallpaper in three different formats. One for computer, one for an iPad, and one for an iPhone. All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get your free wallpapers! (if you already get my newsletter, then you will get your free wallpaper though that later today.) Click here to sign up.

There. Now that is done. Down to business. *smirks*


And…yes, the picture is pretty self explanatory. If you buy Song of the Sword today or tomorrow, you can upload your receipt in this form and I will email you a FREE set of three Song of the Sword themed wallpapers (three each for three different size of electronic).

As a bonus, I will send you a coupon for a free beta read of up to 4000 words or I will design up to 50 pages of an ebook for you! All you have to do is upload your receipt or a screenshot of your receipt in the form below and I’ll get your free gifts sent out as soon as possible (either the night or the day after you uploaded your receipt).

A glittering sword.
An ancient oath.
A blackened rose.
And a melody which ties it all together.

Can Evrard rescue his sister before it’s too late?

Find out today for only $2.99 in Song of the Sword, then submit your receipt for your free wallpaper and coupon!

Buy Song of the Sword

Upload your receipt


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