Caption Challenge – November #3

First the caption challenge winners:


Caption Challenge: Corissa, Maiden of Praise

“Why not?”
“Because you told me this would happen- and you ordered me to stay silent, even unto death. So silent I shall remain.”

Six-Word-Story: Somebody Gunter

“They grew. They are rumors now.”

Congratulations, guys! And now for this week’s collage…one of the first collages I ever made.


Pictures from Pinterest

Anyone can enter this caption challenge; the only requirement is that you keep your entries clean.🙂 You’ve two entries (you can pick one, or two both). One entry is a caption, the other is a six word story. On Saturday I’ll pick a winning caption and I’ll post it next Monday along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge!


14 thoughts on “Caption Challenge – November #3

  1. Congrats people. Great work.
    … is there an alternative word for congratulations??? 😛 😛

    ”Surrender’, they said.
    ‘There’s a price on your head.
    At the throne of our king you must bow.’
    But I’ve done with bowing;
    My pride is not dead.
    And I think I am dangerous now.’

    ‘Don’t touch me. I’ll kill you.’


  2. Congratulations to last week’s winners! Those are cool entries. 🙂

    “You slaughtered my family and burned my home,
    Then banished me to the desert to roam.
    My hatred for you like a fire has grown,
    During all the time I have spent alone.
    Never again will you force me to bow,
    For I think I am dangerous now.”

    “Nothing would keep her from vengeance.”


  3. “You think you are dangerous now?” His booming laugh rippled across the desert sand. “You always been dangerous, sweetheart. You simply weren’t aware of it before.”

    Beware even the seemingly small fires


  4. Congrats, writers who won! 😀

    “Like you were ever harmless before.”

    You took me in to break me,
    A mere child, a slave.
    You always swore you’d make me
    Into a living grave.
    I survived it all with scars and marks
    That will always remind me
    Of the ever-present, frightening dark
    That was always behind me.
    Be warned because I’m coming for you:
    Be it my first and final vow,
    Soon it will be when you get your dark due,
    For, I think, I am dangerous now.


  5. My finest felicitations to the winners! *proudly smirks at Fereleth*

    “The raven’s eye
    Is ever watching
    Watching to find a way
    To catch me unawares
    And sink me in the sand
    But it will not be today
    The fire flames
    In burning wastelands
    But I know that somehow
    I’ll survive the night
    I’ll avenge my family
    I think I’m dangerous now”

    “Your sword fighting skill speaks otherwise.”


  6. I’m just gonna do something crazy and go with a different language.
    ¡Felicidades a los ganadores! 😀 😀 😀

    “One hundred years in the sands of time,
    A thousand little flames,
    The eye of a raven, the ash of a crow,
    And a girl with prophetic claims.

    A dangerous journey, a treacherous word,
    A solemn, deadly vow,
    I have returned from the depths of despair,
    And I think I am dangerous now.”

    “Be careful. Fire’s a deadly tool.”


  7. Congratulations, guys! Bonus… er, however you say work in Latin. 😄
    And wow, everyone has awesome captions and six-word stories! Nice! 😀
    I see the desert and all I can think of is my character Phelan, so this is going to end up related to him, I know it.

    Child of raven hair and eyes of gold,
    Like the desert wolves who roam,
    Dusty dune and sandy drone,
    Of what you call your desert home.
    Fire in your eyes of gold,
    A dangerous spark sure to burn you whole,
    But it never reaches your heart so cold,
    The beating thing is of ice and coal.
    Scars mar your mind and skin
    And you will not be called your father’s kin.
    For he is the one who marred you so,
    And left you angry and dangerous with your woe.

    “Father made son the dangerous one.”


  8. Kudos to the winners!

    “You weren’t dangerous before?”
    “Before, I was just a klutz. Now I’m a klutz and a pyromaniac.”


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