November Vlog

Hey, it’s Wednesday and I am posting! Well, it is a special post…a vlog post. *grins*

Once again I’m taking part the Very Awesome Vlog Challenge put on by my good friend, Ivy Rose. For more information on that, you can click the cool picture below.


And now, without more ado because I do have things I need to be attending to…and because I speak for myself in the video below, here is this month’s rambling vlog.

Have any questions for me for next month? Ask away in the comments below!


November Vlog

10 thoughts on “November Vlog

  1. great vlog! little brothers always know the best times to BB people don’t they? can’t wait for that novelette.
    question for next vlog: will the Beast actually be animal/Monster like? or will he just simply have a beastly attitude?

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  2. I am wwwwwaaaaayyyyyy late to the party…

    GREAT video!!! I loved it! Your brothers are hysterical. I love it. Your vlogs always show such ‘normal’ life. They’re perfect! 🙂

    Thanks for taking part in my challenge!

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