Caption Challenge – October 2016 #4

First the caption challenge winners:


Caption Challenge: Raina of Rosendown

“In a humble cottage, there lived a man trained to kill.”

Six-Word-Story: Quinton of Boron

“A dagger, a memory, a choice.”

Congratulations, guys! And now for this week’s collage:


Pictures from Pinterest

You’ve two entries. One for a caption, one for a six word story. On Saturday I’ll pick a winning caption and I’ll post it next Monday along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge!


6 thoughts on “Caption Challenge – October 2016 #4

  1. Thou peoples who won, accept my profoundest congratulations! ( I was getting tired of just ‘congrats’)

    “But they forgot their map and water and rations, so they got lost and perished of starvation and thirst on the way there.”

    “A traitorous son, a young protector”


  2. Yay for the newcomer! And congratulations both!
    I should just stop trying or something, cuz the competition is just… wow… 😛 😄

    ‘She’s seen too much and hasn’t the good sense to forget it. We can help her with that.’

    ‘War isn’t fought with just weapons.’


  3. Thanks Hope! And good work Quinton and all the rest!
    “She’s ruled this fair land for far too long.”
    “Darkness arose because of a queen”


  4. Congrats, everyone!
    “She laughed as she watched them in her crystal ball.”
    6-Word Story:
    “What turned sons against their mother?”


  5. “Their first mistake was to think they could kill me. Their second mistake was to fancy that they had wits. It will take more than a ragtag group of ruffians to end the Golden Age of Araleth.”

    “She rode alone to her doom.”


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