September Highlights: Blood, Books, and Birthdays

How has your month been, my fellow Pilgrims? Busy, I suppose. Is life ever not busy? Probably not, but I enjoy it. I haven’t had any huge happenings this month, but plenty of smaller goings ons.

My Life

I turned 22 at the beginning of the month. It’s been a good year. I published Rose of Prophecy. I published Song of the Sword. I bought a sword. I own several daggers. I was introduced to Hamilton. I read the Out of Time series. Also, I’m still alive…always a plus for someone with more plans than time.

I went shopping at several bookstores the day before my birthday with Mom, then we went to see Ben-Hur. I loved the movie. It’s different from the first movie (which I never really cared for), and different from the book (which I like a lot), but I still enjoyed it. I actually really liked the changes they did do. From a writer’s perspective, the end was a little fast and there was one bit which seemed tacked on simply because it’s part of the Ben-Hur storyline…there was no foreshadowing or such of any kind. Still, the rest of the movie was good enough that I didn’t mind too much.


An edit I made

Changing the topic, I bought business cards this month! What do you think?


The picture doesn’t quite do them justice, but I really like them.

On a more unofficial note, I’ve been learning how to walk on the slackline Mom got. It’s quite fun. I can get all the way across without grabbing the guideline. Sometimes.


School has started this month. Two of my siblings are in college, but I’m still at home helping teach the younger kids. That takes up time in the morning, but between Mom and I, we get it done.

I’ve also taken artistic photos this month. Of course. Here is a watch a friend gave me, along with her beautiful calligraphy.


And then…well, I hesitated before posting these pictures, but they’re already on Facebook. You all know I’m crazy anyway. So here is what happens when I get a hold of fake blood. *waves goodbye to my reputation*

So…yes, I had $2 worth of fun out of the tube of fake blood. And I still have some left… My hand was one thing, but what if I tried to do my face…? *smirks*


Just…you know all the normal things.


  • My new draft of Forest of Darkness is coming along splendidly and I’ll be finishing that up next week.
  • I’m correcting the last chapter of Fidelyon today! Now to wait for beta-reader feedback. I might read through the whole novel (again) next week just to test out the pacing, then I’ll probably go through it working on grammar and phrasing.
  • Scarlet Rose is coming along, slowly but surely.

Other Writing

Author Services

  • I now have a gig created on Fiverr through which people can hire me to beta read their work! I enjoy beta-reading for friends, and I’ve done quite a bit of it recently (for those who are correcting my own work in turn) and decided I’d see if anyone in the general writing public would be interested in my services as well. *grins* You can check out the details here.

Cliche Benders

An apprentice who dies for his mentor, leaving the teacher the task of saving the nation. A dragon who loves music and kidnaps princes, calling on the princesses to ransom their betrothed with a song. A sidekick who is a better fighter than the chosen one.


As you all know, I love to read. So I collected some of my favorite bookworm humor pictures from Pinterest…

Fandom Corner

Fantasy and fairy tales, mixed with the real world? Cliche bending characters and plot lines? Once Upon A Time is one of my favorite TV shows and season 6 just started this last week! There’s too much to mention, so here are a few quotes and characters…




Captain Hook and Bella


Prince Charming and Snow White


Captain Hook

How about you? What have you been up to this month? Which bookworm picture is your favorite? Have you seen Once Upon A Time and, if so, who is your favorite character?

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5 thoughts on “September Highlights: Blood, Books, and Birthdays

  1. Sounds like a fun month! πŸ˜€ And I didn’t know there was a movie before the recent Ben-Hur. What is the first movie called? And the Ben-Hur movie sounds really good!
    Man, where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday the month started, along with school. xD I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to write lately, but hopefully that will change soon. πŸ™‚ (I have been seriously neglecting my characters. I’m sure Phelan would sass me if given the chance.)
    And the book list and book hangover are probably my favorites, as is the to-read list one. πŸ™‚ So very true.
    And I’ve seen the first season of Once Upon a Time. It was really cool, though I’m not sure who my favorite character is.


    • I think the original movie is called Ben-Hur too. Except it was made in 1959. It’s the same story…well, pretty much. This new movie was a remake.

      My favorite character in OUAT has changed with the seasons. Hook is one of the few that I like consistently. But some characters I love and then it’s like the writers run out of ideas because they get boring (or stupid, which is worse).


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