Caption Challenge – September 2016 #1

First the caption challenge winners:

fantasy prompt

Caption Challenge: Corissa, Maiden of Praise

“Indeed. Seeing our enemies in the fullest of their glory is so strengthening. Y’know, sometimes I’d prefer you keep your drama to yourself.”

Six-Word-Story: Fereleth, Carrier of Light

‘A single light defeats all darkness.’

And now for this week’s collage:

dragon prompt

Pictures from Pinterest

You’ve two entries. One for a caption, one for a six word story. On Saturday I’ll pick a winning caption and I’ll post it next Monday along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge. Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Caption Challenge – September 2016 #1

  1. Congratulations Fereleth Kate! Or maybe Kate Fereleth… Lady Kate Fereleth… that has a nice ring to it. 😉

    “No one saves me, lad. I am a dragon of the prophecy. My doom has been sealed in words of fire beneath the Gralwich Mountains, and cannot be changed. I do not yet know exactly how everything will play out, but I do know that I shall die, as surely as I know you shall be crowned king. It is simply a matter of when and how.”

    “No one. My work is finished.”


      • *blushes* Thank you for your kind words, my lady. But all of the entries thus far are superlative, and to be honest, I rather think that C. K. Heartwing’s entry below for six words may take the crown. It is purely ingenious! (Although, to be fair, it wasn’t up when you commented on mine. 😉 And yours stands a good chance too; that’s an angle I never would have thought of.)


  2. Oooh! I love the picture for this week. Very interesting and story inspiring! 😉

    Dragon Keeper, Dragon Keeper,
    Guardian of tooth and scale,
    Harm is never done when you are near,
    But what will you do
    When all you save
    Turn on you?
    Oh dear Dragon Keeper, Dragon Keeper,
    Who will save you?

    “I was Protector; now I’m prey.”


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