Blood! Also, Vlog Questions

Is it a writerly thing to be fascinated by blood, or do some people people who think it is cool, whether they are writers or not?


Ah yes, Zootopia

Anyway, I don’t have anything to write about today and decided to pick up the subject of blood. I was hoping to get pictures, then I realized I didn’t want to post anything too gory and blood is, well…blood. I did find this picture however, which is cool in a dark sort of way.

blood river

Let your imagination run wild.

Another reason I picked this topic is because I apparently have a reputation of sorts.

Here’s a story a friend recently sent me in an email about a conversation she and a friend were having with our pastor (some names removed for general reasons)

…when we were [camping], the Pastor’s family came for the pot luck, and during the course of the conversation M- mentioned that she had seen a picture on you website of blood splashing on snow and about how cool she thought that was- and the Pastor for some reason thought you’d actually cut yourself during the winter and took a picture of your blood splashing on the snow. 😉 After M- cleared up the matter, he laughed and said that that did sound like something you would do. I’m pretty sure he thinks we’re all crazy. 😉

After some searching, I believe this was the picture in question. If not, it’s still cool.


And here’s a writing prompt, while we’re on the topic.


I have tried to take pictures with my dagger and ‘blood’ before. This was the only one which looked half-way decent.


It’s turnip juice, not real blood. Someday I may take pictures with real blood, but I’m not brave enough to prick or cut myself, whatever my reputation. Perhaps if I accidentally cut myself sometime…? Or I’ll buy fake blood, if I can find some without ugly packaging about vampires and Halloween.

Oh, yes! A completely random bit of news is that I’m going to take part in a vlog challenge put up by a good friend of mine. Basically, I’ll set up the camera and talk into it for 5-10 minutes, then post it here. Fun, right? ‘Course it will be fun. But I need your help. There are three questions for the challenge, but I’d like to know if you have any questions you’d like me to answer. List them below (along with any comments you might have on blood or other crazy writerly interests) and I’ll answer them in the vlog – the questions, not the blood comments. 😉

Caption Challenge – August 2016 #5

First, the Caption Challenge winners!

fantasy prompt

Caption Challenge: Quinton of Boron

What’s done can never be undone.
You cannot change the battles won.
You cannot change a kingdom’s fate.
You cannot change a deed of hate.

Still a new road lies ahead.
Though it may hold more tears to shed.
The past is ever beyond our grasp.
But still the future we can clasp.

Six-Word-Story: Corissa, Maiden of Praise

“But revenge can even the score.”

And now for this week’s collage:

fantasy prompt

Pictures from Pinterest

You’ve two entries. One for a caption, one for a six word story. On Saturday I’ll pick a winning caption and I’ll post it next Monday along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge. Have fun!

August Highlights – Boating, Swords, and Personality Types

Greetings, my fellow Pilgrims. It seems forever since I’ve given you a ‘life update’ even though it’s only been a month. But I know you’re all so eager to hear about what I’ve been doing so I’ll just preface this by saying this month has been completely insane.

There’s not enough time to list everything, so I’ll try to hit the highlights.

My Life

First of all, as many of you know, I published Song of the Sword this month! That was exciting and I had so many wonderful people help with my blog tour and the launch. Thanks everyone *waves* But, all said, I’m glad it’s over. Now I can relax. For three or four months anyway and I guess I’ve a bunch of writing on my next novella so it’s not really going to be relaxing. *sighs*

Secondly, some of my family went to Iowa in the middle of this month to visit Dad’s parents. It’s a nine hour trip. And we got sick. Well, we all were getting colds on the way there and had them the rest of the trip and the way back and at home… Somewhat miserable, but we managed to have fun too. Between resting and some reading I:

  • Saw a vivid sunset, with clouds edged in living gold. I tried to take pictures but they didn’t capture the drama.
  • Got up at 3:00 a.m. and watching shooting stars with my uncle from the back of a truck for an hour an a half. I saw 26 of them shiny silvery streaks across the sky. It was exciting. I was also pretty tired the next day, but the memories were worth it.
  • I learned canoeing (also from my uncle) and canoed a mile across a lake then kayaked the mile back.
  • Skimmed a 300 page book in a few hours.
  • Went boating in my uncle’s boat.
  • Navigated crazy five lane road as we passed below Chicago on the way home. And survived without crashing!

Boating is one of my favorite outdoor pastimes


Looks like I’m having fun, no? I also had a headache, but I didn’t care. Much.

Oh, and changing the topic, but remember those cute little jars I showed you all a month or two ago? Well, here’s how they look now.


The set of three jars are colors based off three of my novels. The others are just for fun. *winks*

Also, I bought a sword! I found it at a local swap meet and spent the next hours touring the booths with the sheathed blade over my shoulder, earning several comments and a number of looks, including the admiring eyes of young boys. Not that they were looking at me, I’m sure. It’s a King Arthur sword and weighs about two pounds. It’s not sharp, but it looks cool and I really like it. Here are just a few beginning pictures I took the morning I bought it.


Lots of writing this month. Like normal.


I’ve two main ones this month, and one part time project.

  • Forest of Darkness, my Hansel and Gretel retelling. I wrote it for July nano and have been working on getting it readable this month.
  • Fidelyon, the new (and, probably, final) title for The Final Clash/The Spear and Shield/Legend of the Shield. I’ve a ‘final’ round of corrections I’m starting. Two chapters a day, and I hope to have it ready for beta readers by the end of September.
  • Scarlet Rose I’m working on this as I have time. Mainly in the evenings in small bits, but those small bits will add up.

Other Writing

  • Are Cliches to be Avoided by a certain Hope Ann on the Kingdom Pen Website. If you haven’t checked them out, you should. It’s a great place for young Christian writers.
  • 101 Lies Writers Tell by Nate Philbrick. I really enjoy the writing humor from his website.
  • Black Mastermind by Writefury. This is a serial story (part of the inspiration for me starting a serial story) which I absolutely love. It’s part seven, but the first six parts are linked and it’s totally worth the time it would take to go read through all of them.
  • Thundering of Hooves by…me. A flashback post last year about how quick and how far a horse can travel.

Cliche Benders

A villain who hates the dark, a hero who has no clue how to fight, a sharpshooting minion, and a princess who doesn’t want to get married or become a warrior. She just wants to be left alone.


I’ve been getting into MBTI typing recently and, apparently, I’m a INTJ. Also, apparently, there are only 0.8 % women who are INTJs. Here are a few scarily accurate pictures I found on Pinterest.

So…yep, that’s me.

Fandom Corner

Yep, I wanted to have a chance to reference favorite fandoms. At least some of the time.

doctor who

Doctor Who, everyone.


So yes, I love Doctor Who, even if we have to wait until 2017 for the next season. *sniffs* Welcome to the BBC show of the Time Lord who changes faces, regenerates instead of dies, makes you laugh and breaks your heart at the same time.

doctor who 9

The 9th Doctor

doctor who 10

Sassy 10th Doctor

doctor who 11

My favorite (though I love them all) the 11th Doctor

doctor who 12

The 12th Doctor, with a choice comment for every situation

doctor who3

The show where everyone is important

So, what about you? Do you watch Doctor Who? Who is your favorite Doctor if you do? What have you all been up to this month?

Have you visited Kingdom Pen yet?

Also, are you ready for school to start…who is getting ready for school? I have teaching, not lessons of my own. But even teaching takes time.

Ready for Autumn to bring some cool weather?

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Fidelyon: ‘B’ with Ethaniel

Ethaniel, the main character in my novel, Fidelyon, has taken it upon himself to introduce you to his world by going through an alphabet of terms and names. Be is a short one…

Blue and silver! No, using a color isn’t cheating, at least that is what I was told. Blue and silver are the royal colors here in Elentisa. You find them ever where. The walls of Almathea. The silver gold and sapphire studded crown. The silver and blue royal cloak. The sapphires embedded in the hilt of the Sword of Kings or in the rim of the Prince’s horn. The livery of the soldiers and the even richer armor of the Kingsguards. They are royal colors and they are beautiful colors as well.


Similar to the Elentisaren Crown

blue and silver fractal

Ethaniel discovered fractals on Pinterest…

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Caption Challenge – August 2016 #4

First, the Caption Challenge winners!

science fiction prompt

Caption Challenge: Fereleth, Carrier of Light

‘When dreams and lies together run,
When time drowns in the sea,
When skies are blood and day is done,
Take my hand and flee.
We’ll flee away forever— forever and a day.
Till the world shall crumble in pieces,
And whisper in dreams away.’

Six-Word-Story: Quinton of Boron

“The world I loved faded away.”

And now for this week’s collage:

fantasy prompt

Pictures from Pinterest

You’ve two entries. One for a caption, one for a six word story. On Saturday I’ll pick a winning caption and I’ll post it next Monday along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge. Have fun!

Giveaway Winners

For those of you who entered my Song of the Sword blog tour giveaways, you might be aware that they ended last Sunday. Due to being in Iowa, I didn’t pick a random winner until Tuesday and…anyway time slipped away from me. The winners have been notified, but I figured I ought to announce the results publicly as well.


The USA winner is Natasha H!!!


The International winner is Benita Prins!!!

Congratulations guys. Your gifts should be coming soon!

And many thanks to all the rest of you who joined in the giveaways and my blog tour!

New Fantasy Times: Damsels in Defiance

Elena has taken it upon herself to write this article. Kirin’s hurried agreement may or may not have had something to do with the arrow she was twirling between her fingers as she made the request. But regardless, Elena, everyone!

Ever been on the receiving end of a rescue? Yes? Well, you might have noticed they don’t always go as planned. You know those minor details which tend to crop up. An alert guard. A well defended dragon lair. An absent prisoner off on an escape of her own. Until, of course, the captive ends up in the grip of her captor with a dagger pressed against her throat. Not an enviable position.


Of course, all rescues don’t go like this. There was the time the pompous prince of Athada arranged the capture of his betrothed, then showed up in a scarlet cloak, accompanied by servants bearing silver crystals to record the event. He battled through a dozen apathetic guards before swinging open the door of the poor damsel’s chamber only to be splashed with several bucketful’s of tar rigged up on cleverly disguised ropes. The princess and I, concealed back at her father’s castle in perfect innocence, laughed over the transmission of the prince face for the rest of the night.

But, admittedly, not many captures are going to end this well.

Avoiding capture in the first place is always a good idea. Not as if we’re always given that option. But there are some things a girl can do. Like not disobeying a father or other authority and deciding to venture out the dangerous dark alone. I’ve nothing against a bit of danger, but if you slip off on your own in some rash attempt to prove your skills, you are practically asking to be captured.

And as for valid captures, the reasons aren’t limit to kidnapping a princess and bringing her to a castle in the hopes that riches will sway her to marry her captor (I mean, if she does agree, is that the sort of woman any man is going to want?) or to evil generals who want a ransom or a pressure point on his enemy (which is completely unfair to our friends, even if it’s not our fault, and we ought avoid this capture if at all possible, even if it means sacrificing some of our own freedom and staying safe).

But we woman are also captured for other reasons unconnected with the desire of our hand in marriage or the capture of those who love us. As messengers. As spies. As slaves. Or even intentional captures to manipulate the enemy from the inside.

Anyhow, readers of common stories sometimes expect their captives to act in an exasperatingly simple way. Now if you what to enhance this view of yourself, there are a few pointers you can follow:

  1. At least several times.
  2. Huddle in a corner. Preferably while crying.
  3. Make no effort to move (actually, the dead-weight tactic is a great passive-aggressive technique for many angles of behavior)
  4. Refuse to tell your captor anything, while clearly showing your answer through facial expressions (another way to trick your captor, if you are good enough at it).
  5. When your rescuer comes and gets in the inevitable fight with your captor, stand to the side and scream, ignoring the any weapons at your disposal (really not the best option since, at this point, it’s probably do or die).
  6. Basically, have no more use than a delicate golden curtain.

However, waiting around for rescue isn’t always a viable option. And there are many things a woman can do to while away the time and try to escape.

The first thing is establish your value, because on that depends your own safety and how far you can go before you press against the limits of your captor’s goodwill. If you’re being held by a prospective suitor or someone who needs you alive for a ransom, you can have some fun. Pranks on guards. Riddles. Sarcasm and insults. Of course, gauge yourself carefully. It would never do to be placed under stricter guard because you’re merely being annoying. If you’re being held by a slave driver or as a spy…it’s probably a good idea to shut up and make the least noise you can. Or maybe the most noise. It depends a lot on your guards and your captor’s personality. Each situation is different.

But, whatever the case, there are a handful of personalities one can choose and use to the full:

  1. The tearful princess: basically acting as weak and helpless as you can while preparing for one sudden push. This can be quite fun to reenact. The hard part is not laughing at everyone’s looks of disgust while you sob or pretend to be so delicate you can’t even walk on the rough ground.
  2. The steady maiden: take it all in stride. Keep informed. Don’t show much fear, but don’t show how much you know either. Act like everything is normal. The confusion this causes can be hilarious as well, though you will probably be watched fairly closely.
  3. The defiant damsel: insults, sarcasm, pranks, either with brazen triumph or practiced innocence. You can say what you want, demand what you want. Also quite fun to act. Of course, you’re likely to be kept under a fairly heavy guard, but you’re also likely to get some of the things you need for an escape.
  4. Using two or even three layers of personality can also give you some good results.

Also, always remember that persistence pays off. Want a view of the courtyard or extra sheets to tie together for a rope? Ask and plead and cajole until your captors are so annoyed they give in. You can veil your reasons in foolish girlishness, guilt your captors, or use hard brazen logic. Again, it all depends on the mood of your capture.

Conceal anything which could be used as a weapon in your clothing. And be prepared to use it. Especially in aid of a rescuer.

Finally, help your rescuer in any way possible, leaving behind clues. If you happen to escape, tell others as soon as possible so your rescuer doesn’t fall into your captor’s clutches and the roles reversed. It’s always very inconvenient when that happens, believe me.


Have any questions, legends, or trending cliches you’d like Kirin Quillblade (or Elena) to address? Please comment below; he promises to at least read what you have to say between his realm leaper’s missions, even if he holds the rights to choose what to write about and what to ignore.


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Writing Humor – Studio C Style

Writing Humor – Studio C Style

I’ve watched all the Studio C skits and have many favorites. But some of the ones I love best have to do with writing.

Firstly, here’s one of the first Studio C’s I ever saw:

Then there is this fantasy skits:

When your characters don’t listen:

And this recent skit reminded me of authors’ treatment of characters:

And the truth about fairy tales:

And…the truth behind bestseller lists:

So, do you enjoy Studo C? Which one of these is your favorite?

Caption Challenge – August 2016 #3

First, the Caption Challenge winners!

writing prompt

Caption Challenge: Corissa, Maiden of Praise

“You remember those letters that you told us to deliver to Sir Geoffrey?”
“Yes, what of them?”
“We may have accidentally sent them to his enemy.”

Six-Word-Story: Quinton of Boron

“A letter, a friendship, a fate.”

And now for this week’s collage:

science fiction prompt

Pictures from Pinterest

You’ve two entries. One for a caption, one for a six word story. On Saturday I’ll pick a winning caption and I’ll post it next Monday along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge.

Developing Your Characters: Part 3 – The Dependence

There are three main questions, powerful, yet short, which an author should ask and answer for each of their characters. The first question is, what does your character want? What does he desire more than anything? What will he give anything for and what is he striving for? Coupled with this question (if the character is a major one) is what does he really need, and is it what he wants?

Secondly, what does your character fear? What will he do almost anything to avoid? Is what he wants more powerful than what he fears or vice versa?

writing - 3

Today, we’ll move to the last major question which should be asked while developing characters:

What does your character depend on?

Does your character depend on himself for strength? To get things done? Is he the ‘end of the line’? Or does he rely on someone higher than himself. A family. A king. A magical weapon. A nation. A God, either true or false.

Though this question may be very much in the background of your story and plot, it makes all the difference to the character. Even if the actions of a man rescuing his daughter, or a princess taking back her throne end up being the same, the attitudes and emotions coupled with their actions will change drastically depending on who, or what, they rely on.

The degrees of reliance may change too, though for minor characters simply answering the question will be enough. For others, reliance on self, land, or God may shift through their character arc, either for better or worse.

And there you have it! Three questions to keep in mind for each character as you write about them. What does your character want more than anything? What do they fear? And what do they rely on?