Blog Tour Sign-ups, Song of the Sword Reviewers…and I Decide to be a Ninja

It’s a good morning to be alive, wouldn’t you agree, my fellow pilgrims? At least I’m excited. For starters, Song of the Sword is going to be released in 41 days!

And I’m preparing my first ever blog tour!


A quick review of my second Legends of Light novella, a retelling of Rapunzel:

A glittering sword.

An ancient oath.

A blackened rose.

And a melody which ties it all together.

When Evrard and Roinette, twins separated at birth, are overtaken by events swirling from centuries past, they are forced into a battle beyond their own limited powers. And with their ability to walk in the melody realm, catching glimpses of the light and darkness underlying Aslaria, comes even more danger. In a world where rebels wield deadly weapons, and with the ancient oath of the King lingering on ever soldier’s mind, can Evrard and Roinette not only survive, but draw on strength outside themselves to defeat the mist of darkness?


And yes, there’s the cover again because I just like looking at it.

But back to the blog tour. I’m really excited about it and have a number of fun things planned, like character spotlights, setting spotlights, a possible revealing of an Aslarian map if I get enough entries, sneak peeks of the novella, and interviews and reviews. If you’d like to join, just click here to sign up!

Secondly, I’m also going to send out free e-book copies of Song of the Sword to a select number of reviewers. You’ll have a month to read the novella, with the only requirement being that you give an honest review of the story on Amazon and (if you’re willing and able) on other sites. You can sign up for your free review copy here.

Both blog tour and review signups will be open for two weeks. On July 9th, I’ll send out Song of the Sword and start organizing the tour.

Needless to say, I’ve been very busy recently. But it’s not all been work.

See, Mom got a free hoodie for me. I tried it on and loved it immediately…a love which *cough* had nothing to do with the deep hood I could flick up or down in one quick motion.

Anyhow, I decided ninja pictures were in order. How could anyone resist with a hood such as that? So I took my dagger and my hoodie, headed outside with a brother, and here are a few of the results:

In unrelated news. I’m taking part of the July NaNo Camp and plan to write my Hansel and Gretel Novella in the next few weeks. Because I guess preparing a launch isn’t enough to keep me busy.

*rolls eyes at self*

Are any of you taking part in Camp NaNo? Do you have any tips about blog tours? Do you like dressing up and getting pictures? What have you all been up to?


10 thoughts on “Blog Tour Sign-ups, Song of the Sword Reviewers…and I Decide to be a Ninja

  1. ‘And yes, there’s the cover again because I just like looking at it.’

    *sniffs* That makes me so happy. πŸ˜‰

    Lovely dramatic pictures. πŸ˜€ I do like dressing up, and theoretically I like taking pictures of it, but I’ve never actually done that just for fun. I love the idea, though. πŸ˜‰

    *ahem* Pardon my ignorance, but what ‘zactly is a blog tour?


    • A blog tour…basically people can sign up, and then I’ll write up posts or sneak peaks or interviews for them to post on their blogs on specific days. And, at the beginning of the tour (at least) I’ll have a list of everything that’s going to be happening and what blogs to go to to read about them.


    • Umm, yes, I do actually. πŸ™‚

      Edited a bit later: Actually, no…I thought I did, but there’s another cabin a friend already invited me to…But thanks. πŸ˜€


  2. Where do we sign up for the blog tour? I’d love to take part in that!!!!

    And, wow, the cover is gorgeous… and the dagger pics awesome πŸ™‚

    I’d love to join NaNo, but i don’t think I’ll have time :/ But we’ll see πŸ™‚


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