Caption Challenge – May 2016 #2

Caption Challenge Time! Also, just so you all know, I’m planning on choosing between the winners of the six-word-stories this month and my favorite one will be featured in my newsletter. (Which you can find here, by the way, if you’re interested. *sly wink*) Anyway, winners first.


Caption Challenge Winner: Gretald!

“Fire is used for good or for evil, for hiding secrets or conveying messages. You’re a pawn in a dangerous game, brother.”

Six-Word-Story Winner: Anne of Lothlorien!

“Ruler of flames; risen from ashes”

And now for this week’s collage:

writing prompt collage

Pictures from Pinterest

So, you’ve two entries. One for a caption, one for a six word story. On Saturday I’ll pick a winning caption and I’ll post it next Monday along with the name of the winner and the next caption challenge.


12 thoughts on “Caption Challenge – May 2016 #2

  1. So give your daydreaming to God and He will make your thoughts ones that glorify Him. He will cleanse you and give you rest. He will keep you safe. He will guide your steps. Trust in Him and He will do this. For He is good! Praise the Lord.

    Open your eyes and stop dreaming.


  2. Thank you Hope. Congrats Gretald!

    “But no more deadly than you”

    “But it’s the only thing left that isn’t broken. The only place where I’m not scarred beyond healing. Danger is a price I’m willing to pay to feel human again”

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  3. Caption: “Then why dream it?” “Because I need to find the answer. And it’s hidden in the shadows of my darkest dreams.”

    Six word story: Truth lies in your darkest dreams.


  4. Wow, thanks, Hope! These caption challenges are so much fun. 🙂 Congratulations, Anne!

    “Careful, friend. Daydreams are only dangerous when they control your existence.”

    Six Word Story:
    “Don’t let your daydreams control you.”


  5. Congratulations to Gretald and Anne! 🙂

    Six Word Story:
    “Lost in fear, found by hope.”

    “My brother gave his life to free me from it’s grasp, but it found me and trapped me again- and now I know not how to free me from myself.”


  6. “How do you know the world around you really exists?”
    “Do you doubt that fire really burns?”
    (Okay, that is far from original, being part of an ancient philosophical debate, but it was the first thing that came to mind on seeing the picture.)


  7. caption
    She chuckled, low and smooth, in the gathering darkness. “Save the world? Or destroy it? Decisions, decisions.”

    six word story
    All desire power. Few wield wisely.


  8. Caption:

    “Is there anywhere we can run to?” I asked. She replied, “Plenty of places – it just depends on whether you want to be drowned, suffocated, or roasted alive.”

    Six word story

    “Storms were thrilling once. But this…”


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