Why does one not appreciate something until it is taken from them? Sleep, for instance. Not that I’m complaining; it hasn’t been too bad; I suppose I should start from the beginning.


Basically, at least five of my younger siblings have whooping cough. Us older ones had it years ago and, once one gets it, they don’t generally get it again. That, if nothing else, is a great reason to be thankful. As pertains to sleep, however, Joy and I share a room with our two younger sisters, both of whom have the aforementioned cough. For the last week, they’ve woken themselves and us up several times a night, coughing. And, since whooping cough takes weeks to run its course, that probably won’t end soon. Why am I writing this? Because I’m currently tired (due more to staying up late last night than being kept up by my sisters). Anyway, now that you’ve suffered though that rambling mess, onto more pertinent matters.

Like weather! Tis the season of extremes, or something like that.


Found on Facebook

We’ve had 60 degree weather and then this morning it snowed. Snowed!

And then there’s writing. Of course. So…a few quick updates on my WIPs.

Song of the Sword: first draft done; working on smoothing theme and ending.

King’s Armor: working on polishing, but feel like something is missing from the story; will probably set aside for a little bit.

Scarlet Rose: going over the first draft and slowly planning the second book. But it’s taken a back seat to my Legends of Light and…

The Final Clash: This, along with Song of the Sword, is currently my main focus as I rework the second half of the novel.

In other news, I’ve flitting ideas of setting up an Etsy store to sell cool fantasy things, like wire wrapped stone pendants. I currently don’t know if this idea will go anywhere; I need to think it though a quite a bit more.

Oh, and now it is hailing outside and the ground is turning white and my mind is going blank and I think I may go rest or read or make some picture collages. Or edits. Or figure out the end of The Final Clash. I’ll decide in a minute, but for now I’m signing off. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Just…Life

  1. Oh, you poor dear frazzled thing! Here— have a cup of chocolate. 😉

    Believe it or not, I’m actually thinking of doing the same thing with wire wrapped stones, though Etsy may be a bit of a stretch for my no-technical-business-at-all-ever brain. 😛


  2. This weather is the craziest, isn’t it? Let’s see…
    7:00 a.m.=Gorgeous sunrise, so brilliant I had to squint while eating breakfast (don’t ask me why I didn’t move so it wouldn’t be in my eyes… maybe it’s some sort of writer thing 🙂 )
    10:00 a.m.=Moderate snow
    1:00 p.m.=Rain
    2:30 p.m.=Blizzard-like conditions
    4:30 p.m.=Hail
    5:30 p.m.=Back to snow
    Now… it’s mainly just windy right now. So yep, that pretty much sums up Spring for Indiana. 😛 😉
    All of your WIP sound great! I hope you can get more sleep tonight- both because your poor sisters aren’t coughing and because you choose to wisely go to bed sooner. 😉 Easier said than done. 😀


  3. Did you overlook it in your (understandable) exhaustion, or did you never post winners for the Caption Contest this week? Or am I missing something?


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