Hunters of Shadowfen

It wasn’t nearly as large as the villagers had made it out to be. As big as cottage, certainly. If one counted the snaky tentacles along its huge humped back, it might almost rival two cottages. But it wasn’t twice the size of the town hall as the energetic alderman had insisted. Certainly not large enough to earn a monster rating. More like a beast, second class.
I drew a soft breath through parted lips and turned my head again, peering over the rim of the rickety canoe toward the creature slowly pulling itself from the depths of the Shadowfen. Its stumpy, scale-covered legs splashed water in all directions as its claws sank deep into the mud. The tentacles on its jaw rippled as the beast moved its head back and forth slowly, sniffing.
“Dorian?” My sister breathed out the word at my elbow.
“It’s working,” I replied, my eyes drifting to the light at the prow of the boat. My hand closed about the smooth staff of my javelin. “I think it’s blind, but it can probably sense the heat…and hear and smell.”
Tanla shifted next to me. “Big too. How fast do you think it can move?”
I titled my head slightly as the creature paused. Its dim eyes shifted the shadows in our direction.
“Looks like we’re about to find out. Ready to run?”
Tanla’s teeth shown white in the dim light as she grinned. “Ready.”
“And who knows?” I raised my eyebrows as she unwrapped a sling and prepared a scale-piercing stone. “Perhaps if we take care of this thing, the council will send us after a real monster.”
We both stiffened as the beast snorted, then our gazes met.
I nodded slightly. “Charge.”

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Shadow in the Night

Another random scene, or flash fiction as I’ve heard them called. The scene turned out differently than what I expected when I started it, and by the time I was finished I decided it needed a book of its own. When and where, I don’t know, but someday I’m going to write this story.

“What have you done?” Magden staggered back as the dark figure withdrew his glittering blade from his chest. A weakness he’d not felt in an age and a half course through his veins. “I carry the blood of dragons. No mortal blade can slay me.”
“Except this isn’t a mortal blade.” The moonlight glinted off a grimacing mask as the dark figure stepped to the edge of his cloaking shadows. He chuckled as Magden’s own blade slipped from his gauntleted fingers and he stumbled to one knee. “This blade is forged in the fires of Fate herself, and purged with the three-twined blood of king, dragon, and warrior.”
Magden drew a sharp breath, blinking away a mist which hovered before his eyes. It couldn’t be…how, by all that was pure…?
“There are few…who can wield such a blade.” The words fell between his labored breathing.
“And only one who is as dark as I.” The figure lifted a booted foot, shoving Magden in the chest.
Magden muffled a groan as he crumpled on the pavement of the narrow street. Gritting his teeth, he forced himself up on one elbow just as silver flashed in his vision. A mask clattered, spinning on the stones only inches from his face. Slowly Magden lifted his gaze to the cloaked figure as cold terror settled in his bones.
“Darow.” The word fell from his lips like the name of death itself.
The figure inclined his head slightly. “Didn’t think you’d recognize me after all these years.”
“You thought I’d forget?”
“It would have been better if you had.” Darow shrugged and sheathed his sword. “But greater things are breaking with the tide of night. Things you cannot stop. Or perhaps I should say, could not stop if you weren’t already dying.”
He should have known…should have suspected. The rumors…the age of peace…it was never meant to last. Magden shook his head weakly as Darow turned away. He’d failed…failed again, and the united nations of Karisa would pay the price. Darkness swept about him, cloaking the dim lamps, cloaking the street, cloaking the retreating figure. But still he heard his nemesis’s final words, drifting with an evening breeze.
“Good night for the final time, my brother.”

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The End

Another random scene from Ravelry. I was quite pleased with this one, based off the picture below.

She wasn’t ready, but it was coming anyway.
She could feel it in the trembling of the earth beneath the feet of hundreds of armies. She could hear it in the faint clashes echoing from the beginning of the age. She could taste it in the saltiness of tears and smell it in the smoke of a thousand homes.
The end…The end was coming.
Taking a deep breath, she stared upwards, facing the last gleams of light which sliced though the tall trees. The last gleams of the last day of the last age…
How many had she lost? How many had bled and died? How many were still suffering?
The light blinked out, but resolve hardened in her heart and she finally brought her gaze to the forest floor. To the small chest lying there. And to the iron key in her hand.
The end. The end. The end. The words throbbed though the air about her.
The end was coming.
Her hand didn’t tremble as she crouched, twisting the key in the lock then throwing it into the brush.
The end was coming.
Slowly she rose, lifting the trunk.
Around her the winds quickened, carrying with them the thunder of battle, the weeping of woman, and the last cries of the wounded.
Resolve crystallized into grim determination.
She was ready.
Without hesitation, without trembling, she slowly lifted the lid of the chest. Blue mist billowed out, tossing in the wind and curling away.
Slowly, she closed her eyes as the earth stilled and the sounds faded.
All was silent except for the moaning of the wind.
The end had come.

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Rose of Prophecy

It is with great excitement that I am able to announce the publication of Rose of Prophecy! I published my first novella in the Legends of Light series on Tuesday. It is free in a number of formats here on Smashwords. Rose of Prophecy is also on Kindle but, since one can’t post something as free there, I have to price match the book. And that process can take a week or two. The more people who notify Amazon about a lower price, the quicker it might go through. If you want to help, you can scroll down on the Kindle page to where it says ‘tell us about a lower price’ and enter the Smashwords link from above.

She is afraid. Not because she is alone. Not because thick roiling clouds obscure the moon. Not because the wind rushes through the forest like a wild dragon. She is afraid because she is late. And to be late means death.

Her life had been happy once.

Despite the destruction wreaked by Tauscher, traitor to the King. Despite the distant war led by the Prince and fought with the help of her three brothers. Despite her own poorly-chosen nickname of Beauty, she’d enjoyed life.

Of course, that was also before her father left home on a hopeful errand but returned weary and ill, bearing a velvety scarlet rose which he claimed would never wither. But even life in the ancient hall, tucked away in the center of Mosswood, surrounded by roses of every description, overshadowed with mystery and home to a scarred figure who was more beast than man, wasn’t too bad after a time.

But now…now, in a flash of light, Beauty finally glimpses the truth. And the cost. The price which must be paid, or the sacrifice which must be made.

It is a curse which even love alone may not be able to break.

Writing in the Light Publishing presents the first of nine novellas in

The Legends of Light series!

Rose of Prophecy,a fantasy seeped retelling of Beauty and the Beast containing an ancient promise, an invisible spy, and the legendary Stieg der, is more than a mere retelling of a favorite fairy tale.

Each novella focuses on one of the nine aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit while also following the conflict between the Prince and Tauscher and expertly retelling and twisting some popular, as well as several lesser known, fairy tales.

Get your copy of Rose Of Prophecy for free now!

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