Q&A Wednesday: Books

So…Question and Answer Wednesday. Today’s question is what book (or series) would you recommend to a friend to read? 
This is a hard question…there are so many books including Lord of the Rings, The Dreamtreaders trilogy, and the Merlin Spiral (though, to tell the truth, I’ve only read the first book of that trilogy. But I’ve ever intention of finishing it.) Still, for this question, I think I’d reply by recommending the Eyes of E’veria series by Serena Chase. It’s four books (I’m currently reading the last one right now) with each two books telling one story based off a fairy tale. A friend introduced me to these books and I absolutely love them. 

How about you? What books would you recommend? And have you read the Eyes of E’veria series? 🙂

Apples, Apples, Apples

We went to an apple orchard today and picked four buckets of apples. So, guess what we’ll be doing next week? 🙂 Anyway, I took a number of pictures at the store there and here are some of my favorites.

Currently, I’m looking forward to the lunar eclipse tomorrow night…a special one, with a blood moon and supermoon at the same time. Apparently that combination won’t happen again until 2033. In any case, I’m just hoping it will be clear outside so we can see it. 

Beta Reading: King’s Armor

Hello, everyone. I’ve mentioned every now and then that I’m working on correcting various ‘works in progress’. And, finally, here is some proof. My current correction of King’s Armor, a young adult allegory about creation vs. evolution in the church, is progressing well and I finally think it’s progressed enough for me to open it up for beta reading.
So, basically, King’s Armor is around 75,000 words (around 125 pages) long. It’s divided into three parts. The first part is corrected and I’m working on the second part right now. If anyone’s interested in beta reading the book, I’ll send it to you part by part…I’ll be finished with the third part by the second week of October. As for correction time, it would be nice to get corrections back by the end of November. 
But first…I almost forgot, you’ll probably want to know a bit about this book. 🙂 Well, here you go:

When the day to start his pilgrimage and find the King’s armor comes, Cyth soon realizes that it will take more than stealth and strength to continue forward and escape the deadly Maligents. But with his faith in the Prince crumbling, the Maligents advancing on Aulora, and himself suddenly helpless in their clutches, Cyth must discover what he truly believes before it’s too late. 

A collage I made for King’s Armor

And here…here’s a taste of the first chapter:

Maybe I shouldn’t have been even slightly concerned. There were all kinds of things which could make a patrol of fifty men late when they’re riding along enemy borders….even if said enemy has been peaceful for a number of years.
Maybe I should have worried more. Years of peace were no guarantee that we’d stay at peace. Actually, it was more of a countdown to the next time Draygan and his Maligents would attack. Anything could have happened to hinder the patrol, and ambushes were far from the bottom of the list.
Whatever the case, Father and the others were supposed to return yesterday.
I straightened and shoved against the parapet lining Nyssa’s thick outer wall, propelling myself backwards into the middle of the broad walkway.
And Father had never been late before.
Well, if I haven’t scared you off by now, and if you’re still reading this post and are interested in King’s Armor, then message me using the contact page at the top of my blog and I’ll get a copy of the first part e-mailed to you. 🙂 Try to message me this coming week if you’re interested. But if you happen to read this or get interested later on in the fall or winter, then feel free to message me then too. I’ll probably still be willing for an extra reader. 🙂


Anyone else fascinated with eyes? I have been for awhile and would love to just look into peoples’ eyes for extended periods of time (yes, I know it’s weird; no, I don’t do it…normally). Anyway, here’s a picture of different color eyes from Pinterest along with some name ideas for the colors.

And this, this I find really cool. I want to have eyes like the ones below in a story sometime. 

Favorite Lord of the Ring Character

Question and answer time, if anyone wants to take part. I think I’m going to try this for awhile…Question and Answer Wednesday, what do you think? (And no, that’s not today’s question.)
Today’s question is…who is your favorite Lord of the Ring character? I’m currently reading though the books for the third time and I love so many characters, including Sam, Aragorn, Gandalf and Frodo (book Frodo, not movie Frodo). But I think one of my favorite characters is Faramir. Comment below with your favorite character. 
My edit

Johnny Appleseed Festival

We had a bit of fun today, when the majority of my family went to the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It’s an annual festival about 45 minutes from our home, and we went around eight years ago but haven’t made it back since. We didn’t think we’d be able to go this year either, because some friends were going to visit. But when they got sick and called to say they wouldn’t be able to make it, one of my brothers remembered the festival. So most of us went there instead.
It was fun, though all the smoke from the fires gave me a headache by the end of the afternoon. But I was able to buy a few cool things. 
First off, I got this necklace. It has a proper fantasy look, with a dragon’s claw holding the stone…a drop of blood, my brothers insist on calling it. Perhaps it will figure into a story someday. 
And then, just because it’s so American, I got this second necklace. 
Finally, I bought these small, cool little jars of different kinds of stones…fantasy inspiration. 🙂

And here are some pictures from the Festival in general.
A man in costume
Some of the tents…and people
Johnny Appleseed’s grave
Firing the cannon at the turn of the hour
The Scottish Band
Fifers and Drummers 

Jasper Cornelius Wyss

Jasper Wyss; found on Pinterest
Jasper Wyss is 29 and a interesting character. He’s very smart and fascinated by the brain, emotions, and controlling both. Currently he’s working with the Doran brothers on a top-secret project called Enigma which contains layers upon layers of secrets. His choice of employers isn’t completely free, but they know where his family is and how much he cares for them. And they will, and have, used his love against him. 
Still, regardless of working conditions, Jasper does enjoy his research. Even more, he enjoys his own plans to use his processes against those who now control him. Control the mind, control the person. Control the person, and he can do whatever he wishes. 
And he knows by personal experience that fear is a great way to control the mind. Jasper dreams of gaining enough power that he’ll no longer have to fear for himself, his mother, and his siblings. Already he has gained quite a bit such power and that’s why he has also slowly grown to hate Christians…they aren’t afraid of him. He can’t control them like he can control others.
On a more personal note, Jasper likes modern tools…everything modern. actually. He likes to put new conveniences to work for him and, as he’s payed well for his work, he lives very comfortably. He dresses nicely, but doesn’t focus too much on clothes or hair. He listens more than he talks, though he is very coherent when speaking. And he thoroughly enjoys poking fun at those around him.