Kicking on my back
Swimming lessons are over. It’s a bit sad, since they were quite fun, but I’m looking forward to getting back into normal life. Well, as normal as life ever is here. 
So, a two week review. What have I learned? Well, I wouldn’t say I could ‘swim’ but I can float on my back and move around by kicking my feet and stroking with my arms. So maybe I can count that has half swimming. Also, I can tread water…kind of. The boys can move a bit better than Joy and I, and Noah and Luke were jumping into deep water then paddling back to the pier. Us older ones did that some as well, but a bit more cautiously. 
Enjoying water I can stand in
The highlight of the week was jumping off the diving board. Our teacher/life guard, Josh, had a flotation ‘tube’ he’d give us as we came up if we needed it. But we also used the jump as an opportunity to see if we could tread water without drowning. We were taught a few dives too, on our last day, which I didn’t do very well at. Noah could manage them, though Luke belly flopped most of the time. He (Luke) was crazy…running down the diving board and jumping into the Lake. But he can probably swim the best of all of us so I didn’t stop him.
A fun shot I got of my sister.
Jumping off the diving board is an exhilarating experience. First you are plummeting down, down into the water and then a few kicks and suddenly you’re shooting back up and a moment later your head breaks from the water. Thrilling. Of course, I’ve yet to try it on my own. I’m sure I can do it, and yet the thought of jumping into such deep water, without a life guard waiting for me, is intimidating. Still, I plan to do it the next time we go to the lake. That probably won’t be until the middle of August, but I look forward to it. 


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