Swimming and Hats

Swimming classes started this week…or at least that was the idea. We have classes half an hour a day, five days a week, but we’ve only gone two days so far. Monday it stormed and then Wednesday and Thursday it was too cold…in the 60s and low 70s despite being the middle of July. Beautiful weather, but not good for swimming. 
Anyway, on the two days we have gone, we worked on floating, which most of us could do fairly well, and then started the flutter kick. I’m getting the hang of it, meaning I can propel myself forward part of the time, Hopefully next week I’ll improve even more (providing the classes don’t get canceled again). The weather is supposed to be warmer though, and there’s talk of adding some extra days since we missed so many this week. 
On Friday, after our second lesson, I was able to jump to the front of the shower line and then Mom and I went out shopping. We had a few things to pick up and then went to the Goodwill where I found some more hats! Some of you might know of my ‘writing hat’ that I ended up wearing almost all the time. Well, I found two more hats of a similar style. Though I still like my brown one the best, I now have a few choices to pick from each morning.
My ‘old’ writing hat is in the center, with the new ones flanking it.

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