The Saga Begins

She’s been told she has a family. That she has a normal past. But the past Anna remembers is not the one that matches with the abilities she contains…and the present she observes. As rebel leaders, underground Christians, and political intrigues sweep about her, Anna must discover the truth about her past and fight for her own chance at a future. And so starts the saga of the Scarlet Rose…
And I start work on the rough draft Monday! All 20+ characters have been developed, at least to a certain extent (this trilogy contains far more characters than any of my other books). The chapters are outlined briefly and currently the first book, titled (originally enough) Scarlet Rose, has a proposed length of 56 chapters. But since I still need to solidify the climax, I highly suspect that number will change slightly one way or the other. 
Lord willing (if I meet my own deadlines) the rough draft of this first book will be finished sometime in December. By that time I hope to have the second book outlines and am (tentatively) planning on writing the rough drafts of the next two books next year.

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