16 Things Every Author Wants

Every writer has dreams, and not just the ‘get my book made into the next big movie’ dream but the more down to earth dreams. The ones where we want a turret room in a castle with surround sound music or a telepathic device to record our dreams. So, just for fun, I decided to compile a list of the things (with variations) that every writer would love:

  • A castle, built into a mountainside with a lake and green valley spreading below. And excellent wifi. Of course.
  • A tower room, the walls coated with weapons, flags, and maps from my world and books.
  • Then, of course, I’d want a writing room. A long room, where I could pace. The walls would be covered with pictures of characters, character profiles, great plotlines, interconnected with silk string, and small computer screens interspersed between them for quick research.
  • On the topic of research, I’d want a research room too, with a wall of screens where I could open a hundred different tabs and scroll through a dozen pages at once.
  • All of these grand rooms branch off my main writing room. A simple desk and computer in the middle of a cozy room. Candles on the walls, as well as scribbled notes. Oh, and the aforementioned surround sound music.
  • There would be a library too, of course, with several great chairs, a fireplace, a window seat, and books covering the walls. This would also be my bedroom.
  • Moving from the topic of lodging to technology, a dream recorder would be great for ideas.
  • As well as a thought recorder.
  • And a telepathic keyboard that writes out a scene just as we imagine it instead of making us labor word through word.
  • A visual storyboard would be nice too. One that would play our story in color, with dramatic music in the background.
  • Food. A stash of chocolate would be grand, as well as ice cream and cheesecake. Yogurt too, since one ought to eat something healthy. And fruit. Like strawberries and blueberries.
  • Some writers would also include coffee. Or tea. I’d prefer hot chocolate and pink lemonade.
  • Then there are the baths. Hot tubs and showers and whirlpools for brainstorming.
  • Also an endless supply of pens and paper. Notebooks and notecards. Envelopes and bookmarks.
  • And… costumes. Ranger costumes. Futuristic dress. Swords and bows and guns and daggers. Because sharp and shiny things should be acquired at every chance one gets.
  • Finally, one needs other writers. Just a few. Good friends, all with their own chambers and a central meeting room for when they want to interact with others.

If you could choose one thing from this list, what would it be? What sorts of things would you add to this list?

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  1. THE LAST ONE. I’d happy ditch all the others if I could just have that. 😀

  2. Now I know what Flynn Rider felt like in Tangled, cause “Guys, I want a castle.” Everything you listed sounds like paradise.
    Also, Hot chocolate and pink lemonade are better than coffee or tea any day. 🙂

  3. Can I get a waterproof screen in the shower/bath for those ideas that only happen when you don’t have something to write on? lol!

  4. Just give me unlimited coffee, and throw in some of that chocolate. Those are writing fuel for me.

  5. The only thing I’d add is total and complete silence except for the clacking of keys, which I consider absolutely necessary. 😉

  6. I would require a small writing room, rustic and cozy, with just one or two monitors, but a lot of sticky notes and tons of other papers stuck up on the wall. I need enclosed spaces in which to write otherwise I’m never going to get around to writing. Also, small spaces deter my imaginary friend, who is claustrophobic, and he often distracts me when I try to write.
    and yes! One always needs writer friends to live with!

    • Yes, a small space is preferable. Or at least a space filled with something. Maybe a long hall for pacing and brainstorming, but somewhere cozy for writing. 😉

      And lucky you. My imaginary ‘other self/friend’ doesn’t care where I am. She’ll give me her input no matter what I’m doing. 😀

  7. LOL these are all me, plus a huge fridge and a giant stable for all my horses….that I base my fantasy horses off of. (Think Gypsy Vanner and Arabian.) And hundreds of notebooks….plus an amazing sound system.

  8. I would want the costumes. Because COSPLAY and ROLEPLAYING and FUN TIMES. 😀 😀 😀
    I actually wouldn’t want the rooms w/ tons of information and screens and stuff because I think I would curl up in a ball and cry from sensory overload…I can only handle about 5 or 6 tabs honestly and then I get stressed. 😀

  9. Yeah, that would all be nice. 😛

  10. Wow, that’s brilliant! Yes, yes, yes! I’m coming to visit you when you acquire this fantastic castle…though visiting you before that would be just as fine. 🙂 I’d like both a castle and a hobbit hole or cottage in the woods. Both would be stocked with books and papers, a great view for staring at when pondering what to happen next, a closet full of costumes, a stash of peanuts and apples (my writing fuel), and a place to gather with a group of “Inkling” friends. Wishful thinking? What are dreams for if not to dream big? 😉

  11. Great list! I would also like a few plants in my rooms. Watching things grow from day to day is inspiring.

  12. *surveys the castle you’ve just described*
    “Ah, I could get used to this. Wait…*pauses for effect* Yup, I’m used to it. Guys, I want a castle.”

  13. I’d pick the last item on your list. Writing friends that one can talk to and discuss things and brainstorm are worth all the castles in the world. 🙂

  14. Ooh, yes! This sounds so amazing. The writing room looks so amazing. This whole list of stuff would be a dream come true.

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