A stoneweaver, prepared to fight Death.

An immortal, longing for peace.

A healer, caught in ancient snares.

At the dawn of the first age, legends walk the earth. Magic mingles with love and betrayal in Shadowkeeper. Death has a brother, invisible realms lie side by side, and even sacrifice can’t return what is lost.

Author. Coach. Editor.

Firstly there’s me. Hope Ann. The author with over ten years of experience, eight younger siblings, a love for anything Sanderson related, and a job working with troubled teenagers at a therapeutic boarding school in the Dominican Republic.

Then there’s Scarlett. My alter ego, who speaks fluent sarcasm, insults me, takes care of some of my marketing, and randomly supports me when I’m least expecting it.

Yes, it’s a great time.

No, I’m not insane. Depending on your definition of insanity.

If you want proof, click here to discover more about me, my mission, and fun ways to follow me.

10 Free Keys to Better Prose

It doesn’t just matter what you say.

It matters how you say it.

Have you ever written a story, creating themes, characters, and masterful plots that somehow fall short of the dreams you had for them?

Maybe it’s not your story at all. Maybe it’s as simple as finding the correct words to connect your readers to the raw, emotional, nuanced reality of your characters.

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