To the readers, bookwyrms, and wanderers…

Join me for gripping characters, vivid worlds, and truth-based themes!

  • Truthful (aka clean) fairytale retellings
  • Free ebooks
  • Monthly flash fiction

To the writers, world builders, and explorers…

Join me for masterful prose, accurate presentation of character emotions, and turning your good story into an amazing one!

  • Free prose improvement tips
  • Flexible, personalized coaching
  • Professional line-editing with a specialized focus

Who even am I?

The name is Hope Ann. I’m an author with over ten years of experience, eight younger siblings, a love for anything Sanderson related, and experience working with troubled teenagers at a therapeutic boarding school in the Dominican Republic.

Then there’s Scarlett. My alter ego, who speaks fluent sarcasm, insults me, takes care of some of my marketing, and randomly supports me when I’m least expecting it.

Yes, it’s a great time.

No, she’s not actually real. But shhh. Don’t tell her I told you.

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